Two and a half points dropped.

Good morning Guys,
The Oriental Derby didn’t go as planned as our brothers from across the River battled us to a draw. It was a funny game really in quite a number of respects and perhaps I’ll take that direction, four things I felt helped us throw away that game. We threw it away because as far as I am concerned, it was a game we had no business not winning but we ended up throwing away two and a half points.


1. We were lackluster:
Not sure if it’s to blame the number of games we’ve played in a short time but the team looked out of sorts. The gaffer stuck with the same eleven vs Akwa United except safe hands Theo who was sick, and they did look like a team that has played too many games in a short time. Passes were going astray and we could only manage a handful of attempts at their goal. Except a few guys who I won’t even dare mention here who had a decent game, our game was just utter rubbish yesterday. If we will receive credit and lavished praise when we do well, we should also accept criticism when we fail to do well in a game we ought to.

2. Wrong subs wrong time: Enyimba’s technical bench did absolutely nothing to show they knew what was wrong with the game and what to do. For a game with a bad pitch, should emphasis be on subbing winger for winger even though the balls couldn’t roll nicely to them wingers? Heartland themselves were not playing through the flanks, they stayed strong in the middle and that’s all they needed to do really. I felt we should have had stronger bodies in the middle and slug it out then. We had Nzube and Kelly Kester and the opposition just controlled things in midfield. The subs were like for like, Mfon and Abu for Abalogu and Osadiaye. It was late in the game that a sub that actually made significant difference Kamal for Pyagbara was made. For a game such as that, Kamal could have come in a long time ago because with his introduction, he actually forced a couple of decent chances. Evidently, the manager is yet to understand this team, question is how long does he need?

3. The Pitch:
Abia Warriors are a wonderful team. I mean getting stuck with a pitch such as that, it’s really amazing how they do it. And strangely enough, it’s a pitch that reminds me of Heartland’s. So it was easier for them. All they needed to do was slug it all out and it’s nice for their game plan. They just pushed forward once we scored them and set pieced a goal for themselves. Like I said, I’ll not name names but we like other teams are struggling on that pitch. Governor Ikpeazu, When shall we see my home?

4. School boy officiating:
I’m not one that talks about the refereeing but yesterday evening, the man at the center proved he needs a referee’s refresher course. I’m not trying to say he made calls against us or that he looked compromised, no, far from that. He looked rusty, he looked like he needs to go and dust out his refereeing handbook. Who allows a substitution when the goalkeeper has the ball in his hands? Who stops play when a player is down, his teammates wouldn’t want to kick the ball out and it’s not even a head Injury? Who adds 2 minutes of added time when a player had been treated for more than five minutes? Schoolboy officiating from this particular referee.

Yea that’s it.
You could call those four listed anything you feel like but ultimately we played a Derby and derbies all over the world can go either way.

All I’ve done is to try and make sense of it all and believe me, it’s a very very very difficult task. We bundle this defeat draw and pack it in that old cupboard where we store disappointing results. There’s an FA Cup semifinals to play tomorrow.

Back tomorrow


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