Another glance at that night. You know the night I mean.

Good morning Guys.

I couldn’t ignore this. Just had to share. It’s a fan’s account of what transpired Wednesday last week. It’s Monsieur @AmosCP. Read and be blessed. 🙂

It was nervy. I had my heart in my mouth. It was my first game online. I truly wanted to see how the Tunisians will react to a 3-0 first leg defeat. I expected it to be difficult, and it was. I didn’t watch the encounter in Port Harcourt but it was reported that they were poor.

When the info reached my ears about Akaichi sending off, I had another level of belief that it will not be as difficult as expected.
North Africa is North Africa, you don’t joke with those guys. With every antics made by man and in hades, they will come at you until you surrender and get wiped.

Enyimba went to Sousse and presented their backside to Etoile like a confident man who is about to take his 100 lashes to take his Fulani bride. It was difficult. It was disappointing.

The condition was hostile, the tactics was backfiring, and shipping 3 goals was disheartening. Losing your first two spot kicks in a penalty shootout is like having your left ventricle stabbed by a poisoned dagger.


Hope was fading like Usian Bolt racing to the finishing line. Nigerian hearts were pounding. Everything was heading left. There was great jubilation in Sousse – maybe comparable to the heavens when a soul is won.

And there was silence – deafening silence!!!!!! Theophilus Afolekhai happened and the rest is history. Even when Udoji’s unfortunate penalty tried to give the baton back to the Tunisians, Afolekhai stood his ground and dragged Enyimba into the group stages.

I was too excited that I became sad. I had no Enyimba jersey to show off at work the next day. I was too happy. It is night I will remember to tell my kids after telling them of the 2003 and 2004 finals.

I can only imagine what may have been had Enyimba failed to qualify for the group stage of the CAF Champions League. Since 2011, it has likened to wandering in Sinai. Now we are in the money spinning stage. It is a season for Mfon Udoh to break into the continent.

We must not forget that we need to retain the NPFL. Rangers are flying away but hopefully they fly into some pepper soup pot for us to win the NPFL again.

Lol. Just couldn’t resist putting this up on the blog. Trust you enjoyed it. We play Heartland tomorrow in Umuahia in our first (rescheduled) Oriental Derby of the season. We have one with Abia Warriors, which I believe we should nick too. We will deal with all of that in the Match day preview.

Back tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “Another glance at that night. You know the night I mean.

  1. Good one @sammy.. Hand of God really command theofilus Afelokhai to drag his team mate into the money spinning stage.. I really thank baba God for his doing. Thumbs up to you and all Enyimba players and fans who made it possible.. Believe the tittle remain ours this season both CAF champions league and Nigeria professional football league.. I love my home Town club Enyimba Enyi… Nzogbu Nzogbu all the way.. Umuahia here i come.. Up Enyimba city up enyimba Intl football club of Aba, Abia state Nigeria. I love this club die. Long live all the management both sir felix and co..Long Live bigsammy. Kudos to you all.


  2. Well, maybe the reason why I’m still having spill-0ver celebration on enyimba’s qualification is cos we’ve not had a Nigerian team at this stage for a long time now.
    But seriously now, we’ve got to end the party and restrategise cos it’s crunch time since and the door has been closed on the so-so team
    It’s could be one hell-of-a-roller-coaster-ride if our boys don’t bring their A-game especially during their home matches.
    However, I love the Enyimba spirit and the Hold-on-strong mentality.
    We Shall conquer Africa Again!!!!
    Nigeria United for enyimba.

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  3. Seriously it would have been a day that will remain indelible in the minds of the Players, coaches, management and the entire fans that after a 3 nill bashing of Etiole we later removed our football boot as a sign of fall.
    But thanks to Almighty Allah for His love and mercy.


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