The sands of time.

Very sad morning this from an Enyimba point of view.

We got to the game yesterday evening to the sad news of the passing of Enyimba’s Stadium Manager, the man we all know and refer to as Oga KOK. He was before his cruel death the Stadium Manager, ensuring that everything necessary for the smooth prosecution of football matches at the Enyimba stadium. I did not know him beyond the stadium, to his house and all but the little I knew of him within the stadium walls, he was a cheerful and very diligent man.


Circumstances surrounding his passing are heart-rending but for us who know there is life beyond here, we pray he receives eternal rest. We also pray for his family and his loved ones, may they find the fortitude and strength to stay strong and may God comfort them. In Jesus Name, Amen.

We did play the State FA Cup quarter-finals (as it turned out) yesterday against a lower division side Flying Birds. It was a fairly strong line up even though it was basically a second string side. Joshua Enaholo started in goal. Ugwu Uwadiegwu, Ifeanyi George were at fullback positions while Ikeh Thankgod and Ifeanyi Anaemena were in CB. The former making his first ever official start for the club.

Kelly Kester paired Nzube in midfield with Frimpong and Etor at the flanks. Ugochukwu Leonard and Abu Azeez paired upfront. It wasn’t much of a contest really because we ran out 6-0 winners on the day to move into the semis.

You don’t need the goalscorers do you? Frimpong, two by Abu Azeez and Ugochukwu Leonard before the interval. Alloy Brown and Leonard would score after the restart even though the latter’s was disallowed. Etor would then curl home the best of them all from a free kick around the corner flag.

Not much of a contest but a nice little warm up with Sunday’s showdown with Etoile du Sahel in mind. That’s the big one and we should have a full week to prepare for it.

We keep Oga KOK in our thoughts and stay inspired to keep things in perspective. Life on earth is measured not by its longevity but by the value and quality of it. Give your best to ensure you live a life that makes a positive and lasting difference in the lives of others and more of all, one that is in reverence to God. 

Back tomorrow.



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