State FA Cup action and other stories.

Good morning all.

Quite a couple of here and theres for you this morning.

First of all and most importantly, Enyimba play a State FA Cup semifinal game this evening at 4pm. Ideally what we see most of the time is the lower teams play the knockouts until they arrive at the Semifinals where Enyimba is waiting at one end and Abia Warriors at the other end.

You won’t blame the organizers for that. You wouldn’t expect a team of Enyimba’s pedigree (Not sure I can say same for Abia Warriors :)) who haven’t even found enough space to play their piled up League fixtures to engage in initial knockout rounds with lowly rated teams. It just isn’t right. More so you want a team that will represent you in the Federations Cup to be capable of winning the competition. I know Cup sets happen once in a while but honestly wasn’t it just once in 6000 years that David defeated Goliath?


If the opponent beats Enyimba or Warriors and makes it to the final, then we can say they’ve earned the right to play in the Federations Cup. However they fare, we can live with that. In other words, Abia State would have two teams seeded for the Federations Cup, it is only fitting that you have the two best teams in the State representing Abia State.

So 4pm, we’ll play #$&@)% £¥ at the NINLAN grounds, just about five minutes walk from my house. NINLAN coincidentally was my Secondary School twenty years ago. Don’t act surprised y’all, I’m not as old as you’re thinking. Updates for that one should be on Twitter. Join us @EnyimbaEnyi when the referee peeps his whistle. You’ll expect a good mixture of some of our guys who have not seen some action lately. Surely.

In other news, the club is accepting entries for a new Club Anthem. The old one which some of us are only just familiar with the rhythm and not the lyrics probably is about to be phased out and the club wants creative fans (and foes too maybe) to have their ideas sent in and the best one would be chosen. There would be prizes too, for the first and second and third. What these prizes would be, I’m not fully aware right now but you can rest assured it would be worth it. So all you song writers and composers, get working already.

Finally for today, our domain has been put up for auction by our hosting company. Ever since the ‘rent’ expired, they have resisted every attempt we made to purchase it back. Now they have put the name up for auction till the 10th of April. Saying the only way they will sell it back to us is if we paid $99 as redemption fees. Brothers and sisters that’s close to thirty thousand Naira!

Thirty thousand Naira to pay for a free blog site where we discuss issues about our dear club, are they thinking we are making a million Naira from this blog? Even the ads we put on the site earlier haven’t started paying for the Internet bills talk more of thirty thousand. That’s silly. Insane really. I’ll rather use the 30k to buy a new mobile phone exclusively for WordPress and I’ll continue on this particular WordPress platform.

The option is to buy a new domain name – or or etc those domains are all available. So do we purchase any those or do we continue blogging on this WordPress platform. Feel free to offer your kind words of wisdom.

That’s all for this Saturday morning. The State FA Cup finals would be in Umuahia tomorrow and unless David Beckham kills Goliath Uriah, it would be Enyimba vs Abia Warriors.

Back tomorrow.



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