A couple of stuff.

Good morning this Saturday morning. It's the last Saturday of the month which means there's a little staying at home for us, y'all gotta do some sweeping and cleaning and all. And you could need a little bit lengthy post to read this morning. So do I just rumble jumble it all together and just … Continue reading A couple of stuff.


Righting the midweek’s wrongs

Good morning Everyone. I got up to the blog this morning and promised not to whine or complain about the things we discussed on the blog yesterday. The Heartland game has to leave our system because to be honest we have way too much responsibility to stay crying over spilled milk. Someone asked me yesterday: … Continue reading Righting the midweek’s wrongs

Two and a half points dropped.

Good morning Guys, The Oriental Derby didn't go as planned as our brothers from across the River battled us to a draw. It was a funny game really in quite a number of respects and perhaps I'll take that direction, four things I felt helped us throw away that game. We threw it away because … Continue reading Two and a half points dropped.

Match Preview: Enyimba vs Heartland

Good morning Everyone. The League games have resumed for us and most likely before we kick another CAF Champions League football, we probably would have gulped our outstanding games, one of which we tackle tonight, an Oriental Derby with Heartland. I think the piled up fixtures include another Oriental Derby with Abia Warriors and clashes … Continue reading Match Preview: Enyimba vs Heartland

Another glance at that night. You know the night I mean.

Good morning Guys. I couldn't ignore this. Just had to share. It's a fan's account of what transpired Wednesday last week. It's Monsieur @AmosCP. Read and be blessed. 🙂 - It was nervy. I had my heart in my mouth. It was my first game online. I truly wanted to see how the Tunisians will … Continue reading Another glance at that night. You know the night I mean.

Akwa United 0-1 Enyimba. We get our first away points.

How I've missed this feeling, that of waking up and remembering that you got three points on the road the previous day. How sweet. It did happen a couple of times last season. Away at FC Taraba and Ilorin and Port Harcourt. No not just the away draws, that of three points is just a … Continue reading Akwa United 0-1 Enyimba. We get our first away points.

Week of antics, let’s fight back.

Good morning guys. Tonight at 7pm, we go head to head with Akwa United as action returns for us on the League front.  The game initially was to be for 4pm but we were gonna botch it seeing we just returned home from Sousse Saturday morning. But the LMC Chairman insisted that rather that happening, … Continue reading Week of antics, let’s fight back.

Back home to League duties.

Good morning Guys.  Very quick Saturday roundup for you. The CAF Champions League is firmly behind us right now as we move our attention to the League. The past two days has seen us celebrate and critically review the highs and lows of that memorable night in Sousse but we can't do that forever especially … Continue reading Back home to League duties.

Etoile 3-0 Enyimba: However did that happen?

Enyimba threw away a three-goal lead in Sousse on Wednesday night, and came perilously close to a shock exit. This post by Mr @TheOddSolace will look at (some of) the reason(s) why. I say 'some' because we have all heard of the underhanded tactics and shameful antics employed by the hosts - I condemn it … Continue reading Etoile 3-0 Enyimba: However did that happen?

The Miracle of Sousse.

I don't need to say good morning, it is a good morning already. Scratch that. It's not just a good morning, it's a special morning which is why we have a special writer for today's blog. Mr Solace Chukwu won the deal of writing today's blog regardless of the result and when it was 3-0 … Continue reading The Miracle of Sousse.