Enyimba vs Shooting Stars. A very mini preview:

I think it was P-Square who sang a song with these lines, ‘we’re back again’… I don’t know the rest of the song, yea for real I don’t and that part of the song is what came to my mind as I began this post.

Well Enyimba is back on to the pitch yet again this evening to slung it out with Shooting Stars in Umuahia.


The underlying plot is of a man we fired after winning us a record seventh League title. Coach Kadiri Ikhana our two time manager and the first coach who won us the CAF Champions League
A lot of the fans are still bitter and unforgiving after those events but you see like in every relationship, people gotta move on men.

“It’s over. I’m done. I am not going ahead with this relationship”
“After all I sacrificed and gave for this relationship, you’ve ripped my heart, dumped me for someone oyibo like Ramsey Noah. What did you want that I never gave you? ”
“Look, I said I’m done. Move on. OK? Just do yourself a favour and move on”
“Come on babe, think of the great times we shared”.
“Please just pick your things and leave. I’m sorry but just go away “.

So that’s how the story ended. The one party went for a new catch and the other one went the opposite direction. Well, there’s a reunion of some sort today. Coach Ikhana is back in town with his new jewels. The side that nearly left Aba with a point last season.

This evening, we will have to battle the old wily horse and his charges on a difficult terrain. This post of course was scripted at 2:06pm after the team has been announced.

Femi Thomas . Uche John. Chima Akas. Dare Ojo. Chinedu Udoji. Ifeanyi Anaemena. Ezekiel Bassey. Ikechukwu Ibenegbu. Joseph Osadiaye. Christian Pyagbara. Abu Azeez

On paper this looks good. Think of it, we do have a massive congregation of players. Upfront we have Abu Azeez and Pyagbara and how they would fare… We do hope it’s more of a rout than the 90th minute goal of the other day. Not like I won’t take a 1-0 win scored at the 97th minute, but we should be doing better.

Sadly we will have to lean on the good fellas at the LMC for updates. Yours truly is unavoidably not around for this function. So your updates will be from @LMCNPFL and probably the Enyimba Twitter handle @EnyimbaFC.

Not much more to say this close to kick off but we believe it’s going to be a heartwarming post tomorrow morning.

Back tomorrow



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