Conversations and time for some self education.

Good morning Guys

The holidays are over, work resumes and just like that 2016 Easter is puff, gone with the wind. Just like that. Sometimes you’d want these holidays to linger just a little longer but you probably value a thing much more when it’s sweet but little as well.

After the disappointment from last weekend we refocus our attention on the rearranged fixtures. Right now points are precious at home and for those we won’t even think of negotiating those. I know there are those with endless complaints on why we aren’t scoring more than one goal at home, I’d say be grateful for what you have now. As long as we keep getting the three points, 1-0 right now is OK by me. We’ll keep hoping that things improve but our three points at home must not be negotiated.

When compared to last season, we all can agree that we see something really lacking in this team. Last season for instance aside the 2-0 defeat in Nnewi we never lost a game by more than a one goal margin. It was either 1-0 or 2-1. In fact all of last season we lost just six games. That ensured the right foundation for what happened that year. But this season, it’s not as much as the fact that we are losing as the manner of those defeats.


2-0 away at El-Kanemi following the 1-0 away to a side that hasn’t beaten us in years. Next the 2-1 defeat at Rangers on Sunday. My point is, that defensive solidity, that togetherness and compactness as a unit is missing. The explanation is well, it’s a new team, it’s a new coach etc but look, we have relatively the same crop of people playing in the positions.

The defensive responsibility doesn’t have to be solely left for the back six and while a new manager may not be as gritty defensively as the former man, I think this is the point where teams learn to actually self educate. There has to be a primary platform that enables the new manager to work his magic.

The average Nigerian player would look to the manager or coach for advice on virtually everything but truth is, sometimes you actually should take the initiative. Mr Aigbogun may not the the type who will set up a team nicely defensively but the players can have their own meetings. Have conversations on what they are not doing right as a unit. Talk and talk and talk and look up their mistakes in previous games and determine the changes they should make.

I don’t know how much our local teams evaluate their performances but that is necessary right now. Players should not shy away from self criticism in a bid for improvement. Yes we have a new team but the only way we can get better as a unit is through such means. You can imagine Afelokhai, Udoji and the rest of the defense staying back after training to just have a meeting. To talk and critically evaluate performances and ways to get better. Look these guys are individually brilliant, what’s missing is them being equally brilliant as a unit.

Thing is, more than just hoping and wishing that things improve, we will have to go the next step which is to seek ways of getting the improvement actualized. Nobody makes progress by just wishing it, you make progress by rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. Talk, meet, discuss, criticize and deliberate on ways for improvement. Enyimba’s performances will never change if we don’t take that decisive step for change. It’s the hard truth.

That’s that for today. We play Shooting Stars tomorrow like you all know, so there will be a preview for you and all the regulars we see on Matchdays at home.

So back tomorrow then



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