Match Preview: Enyimba vs. Plateau United.

Good morning Guys

We are back to League action this evening as we face the side from Jos in our adopted home ground, Umuahia.

Prior to this tie, we have played three games out of the eight others have and our three points from those three games mean we are placed at the relegation regions, 18th place to be exact. Funnily enough, chances are that by the close of day we could still remain transfixed to the same spot as the side closest to us, Ikorodu United have two points more than we do and they also play this evening. Lets say Sam Okpodu and his boys work wonders in Lafia, OK. We shouldn’t be praying such prayers. Every team ahead of us should lose all their games while we win and climb up the table. Better?


Well, all that begins at 4pm this evening. We have some catching up to do and based on the fixtures released by the LMC, we do have some football to do in the coming days. I think before our game vs Etoile, we have at least four fixtures between now and then. Some the real fixtures, others the rearranged ones. But more importantly is to see to it that we start winning whatever is presented before us.

Plateau United are coached by our former handler Zachary Baraje and strangely enough we have been unable to beat him the last two times we faced him. Such stats just has to be flung out the window because we are deserving nothing short of a win today.

We have said a lot on the manager’s choice for starts and we prayed he gave more opportunities to some of the other members of the team. Will that happen? 4pm isnt too far away anymore. Ill love to see Najere and Kamal and Kelly Kester and Andrew and even Joshua Enaholo in goal.

My full fantasy XI below: Enaholo, Maamo, Aloma, Anaemena, Udoji, Kamal, Nzube, Andrew, Azeez, Najare, Leonard.

Wishful thinking I know but i think that eleven can win us the tie. However beyond just what this fan wants Mr Paul would want to field a team he feels is capable of winning the game. A mixture of both could work- but he must keep an eye on Sunday’s game and the general fitness of his team.

ThatEnyimbaFan would be represented at the game in our power and glory. Expect updates via @enyimbaenyi every kick of the game you know.

Our website and iPad are still down. So if God touches your heart to… especially as per the iPad don’t harden your heart.

Back tomorrow.



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