For those on the fringes.

Good morning Everyone. Its midweek and while our fellows play today, we rest our limbs wearied by the Burundi to Nairobi to Lagos to Umuahia journey and ready ourselves to play Zachary Baraje’s Plateau United tomorrow.


The Champions League journey which saw us spend just about one whole week for a Saturday fixture left me wondering if all the time spent was really worth it. I’ve not been to Burundi before and I may not be headed there anytime soon but I don’t think it was OK that we spent the amount of time we did for this trip. I don’t have all the details but learning there was no flight hence the stopover in Nairobi speaks more of negligence and poor planning than anything else.

What this meant was that at about 6pm yesterday the team was approaching Benin headed for Umuahia. They probably arrived sometime about 11 or so, I don’t know but that simply means the only training we would have would be evening today. Expecting more seems to me as punishment, nothing more. Remember they just played Vital’O in back to back weekends. Then the long and weary journey to and fro.

You would just think to yourself that this means we have to play some of the other lads who have not had a lot of football action lately. If you have a trailer load of players who you just stuffed up as players of Enyimba International yet you cant field them against Plateau United then obviously something is wrong. No disrespect to them but this Plateau United that I’ve watched twice this season are one of the more poorly assembled sides in the Championship. So if a fringe player is not good enough to face Plateau United at home, sorry, but something is very wrong with the system.

Think about it, if you cannot be trusted in a game such as that, what’s the purpose of your bus driving past my house every morning en-route ‘Federal School’ at New Umuahia Road for training every morning? What else could they ever be training for? It just doesn’t make any sense. Games like this are games where you expect to see the bulk of these players who have not played a lot this season. If not, you have to fault the recruiting officers, recruiting process and coaches, it’s as simple as that.

Not naming any names but what’s even the guarantee that playing the usual eleven we have seen all through this season wont be counterproductive? Or is the idea to eventually get them knackered? That seems to me as the most logic explanation. There is hardly any player in the Enyimba team who wouldn’t walk into the starting eleven of any team in the country. Hence there shouldn’t be any reason not to play them while the regulars refill their tanks.

For the players themselves, I believe these guys would be itching for some football action themselves having watched most of goings on this season from the balcony. They must be pushing to show the manager what they are capable of. Unless of course they are just some con-men and fraudsters happy to sit on the bench and receive alerts every month’s end. Throw the fact into the mix that we play high flying Rangers in Enugu on Sunday, you just know you need to rotate a little bit and hand a rest to those deserving of it.

Not much more to rant about this morning, so that’s your lot.

Back tomorrow with a preview for the game.





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