We push on, against the odds

Good morning Guys,

Now it has been a long long time since you heard from this blog. Well, I’m not sure you want to hear all the details but somehow and for some reason, we have been unable to get thatenyimbafan.com back online. Its both sad and shameful seeing that the funds required had been released but just somehow we are unable to get the site back up. I can only offer apologies to our audience but it has also been very frustrating for us at this end.

You know, we got back here on the WordPress platform but like something being remotely controlled like from the village or something 🙂 the iPad where the WordPress app resides packed up. As in, just refused to come on leaving us unable to present the daily blogs. You know I can go on with these uninspiring tales but that’s not what this blog is about, its an Enyimba blog so lets stay strictly Enyimba right now. We’ll sort ourselves out.


From the weekend, we progressed into the next round of the Champions League after the second leg of fixture with Vital’O in Burundi. We did lose that tie despite taking the lead; the natives fought back and despite being a man down got themselves two consolation goals. The tie ended 6-3 aggregate in our favour and that saw us book a date with Etoile du Sahel of Tunisia. I believe none of that is news anymore.

We return on the home front where we resume League duties this midweek. The yet-to-be-completed Aba Stadium means that we would play our midweek opponents in Umuahia. I’m not even going to dabble into how we intend to play Etoile outside the Enyimba Stadium; that’s talk for another day but we somehow have to find the resources to beat Plateau United in Umuahia.

The last time out with Ikorodu United who everyone is firing three and four against, we could only manage a goal in the closing stages of that tie. The players did complain of the playing surface. Well, against Plateau United, if such struggles continue, we would need to find an alternative ‘home’. Or better still, someone provides the funds required to finish up our stadium. Truth remains, we are punching above the weight playing away from our fans and the fact that we are trying to produce these miracles nonetheless is (looking on the bright side) a good training for the side.

On the playing personnel, we remain confident that striker Christian Obiozor will be teaming up with the team soon. I discussed with a top Enyimba official on his injury travails and it has been far from easy for the lanky striker. We pray he makes a full recovery in no distant time. If we want to have a chance of some victory against the odds, we need as many as of our best legs as possible out there.

We will remain strong and committed despite the troubles the team is going through/has gone through this year. If you try to recount it, you would see it has not been rosy for us so far. Losing the manager, best right back, playing home games away from home, robbery attack early in the season, new players some of which are still trying to get their footing in the team. But we are Enyimba and we will keep on fighting. Its not a matter of how many times you were hit but the fact that you are standing strong, pushing ahead and against the odds nonetheless.

Back tomorrow. (I mean it)




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