CAF Champions League Match Preview: Enyimba vs Vital’O

Finally, the MatchDay is upon us! 

We resume our CAF Champions League campaign this evening when we line up against our Burundian counterparts. Their club name does remind me of some beverage we had back then in Secondary School. It’s called Vitalo- there was such a beverage right? Or is my mind playing games on me this Sunday morning? Where are those who have stayed longer on earth than two decades, there is or rather was such a beverage right? I think so. Has to be so. Eh? Anyway, that should have absolutely no bearing to this post or encounter so I better move on. 

Like we said yesterday, this is where our season starts really. We all knew Vipers would be a walkover and into this round, we must be looking to at least do better than we did last year. We have the advantage of playing the first leg at home, hold on. Which one is the advantage, playing the first leg at home or the second leg? I’m not sure anymore cos I think either of them does present a good opportunity for a team that wants to go through to actually do so. Give them a resounding beating in your home so the second leg is a formality. Or, go defend well in their place in the first leg and then get the job finished in the home in the second leg. Ultimately though I think key is to play well over two legs and you will go through.


Enyimba vs Vital’O
For us this evening, we will yet again ignore the fact that we are playing in our home away from home. Why do we need to ignore it? Because that is what life has dolled us this term and until our pitch is ready, we are at the Adokiye Stadium. Someone told me last night though, this could be our last CAF Champions League fixture at home this season. That meaning we could be outta the competition if we fail to find form this evening. But we will find form and we will do enough to go through.

Key remains a clean sheet for us, a couple of goals starting with perhaps an early goal. We will create chances like we do as always, our attackers however just have to be on song, taking the chances that will be presented them. For the first time in a long while I’m a little in the dark with regards to state of the team. I have not had the chance to watch the players train and to ascertain who the more likely starters could be. But ultimately, you will back the manager to select who’s best out there for the job. 

But who could that be Upfront? Pyagbara? Leonard? Chukwude? Peter? Surely two of the quartet should get the nod. Already last week, news emerged of some issues surrounding Pyagbara.  I rate him as a very decent striker, but the concern is, I hope his agent or owner or whatever role the man who has his economic rights occupies, allows him to amount to some progress with his career. It’s the same academy that Christian Oziozor belongs to and while I am not sure what the exact issues and arrangements are, you could see the trend for yourself. Two very good strikers suddenly frozen out of football for whatever reason. Strange, I think. Very strange to me. 

But this is a match preview, we will deal with the internal conflicts later. So I’ll think we could go with Afelokhai, Aloma, Uche, Ojo, Udoji, Anaemena, Ibenegbu, Azeez, Chukwude, Leonard, Mfon Udoh. That of course is subject to whatever happened within the past week and the fitnesses of the players at the gaffer’s disposal. 

We give it our best and we can be assured we will have no troubles. 2-0 or 3-0 or 4-0 would be just fine. 

Live Updates will have to be via Twitter. @EnyimbaEnyi or @bigsammy08 

Let’s go drink some Vitalo.

Back tomorrow, 



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