Weekend wahala and some Vita’O thoughts. 

Good morning guys. 

It’s a new platform today. Well, not really new but a different platform seeing we reverted to our WordPress site. ThatEnyimbaFan.com actually started here before we got promoted to our own domain and not paying attention to details/doing so many things and ignoring your site’s rent meant that we got notification that the blog hosting is due Friday evening. And knowing that these things are rarely the kind of stuff you pay for by simply walking into some Supermarket and paying for the ware, we have to wait till early next week to get stuff sorted. So guys, gents and ladies, we could do our blog posts of the next couple of days on this platform.  

 Strangely enough, the last time we blogged here was about this time last year, when we just had Smouha SC standing on our way in the Champions League. It can’t be some sort of deja vu seeing that we play at this same stage of the Champions League tomorrow. Quite a good number of us will remember what happened with Smouha SC last season. A Raphael Boumsong header gave us a slender lead going into the second leg but when we got to Egypt, things happened to us that left us cut off downwards from the knee. A red card, a penalty and two late goals and we were bags packed and shoved out of the competition. 

Well, we are at the similar stage this season against Vita’O of Burundi. I believe they are currently in the country, I hope they aren’t actually but who am I fooling, they should be here already in their power and glory. So by 4pm tomorrow evening, we square up to them at the Adokiye Stadium, and just in case you’ve not heard, the gates would be thrown open. 

The boys have had a full week to reevaluate their performance last Sunday and like every decent footballer, your sights would be primarily set on the next game, your bid to do better and set records straight. Someone said, a team is as good as their last game and while I don’t really gulp that down hook, line and sinker, I think every decent team will be fired up for second chances following a defeat. 

Our poor results so far this season have not really caused a colossal damage just yet but from tomorrow, it’s all about actions and severe consequences. The League is a 38 match day long marathon but for the Champions League, play poorly over two legs and you’ve blown out your candle yourself. Truth really, form is thrown out of the window and your performance on the day is what really counts. A team can be struggling in the League but can with consistent performances  per MatchDay in the Champions League not only play themselves to form in their League but also remain on course for achieving something good in the Continent. 

There has been varying news from some online sources trying to inform us of goings on in the team. One says Afelokhai won’t be in goal tomorrow cos of an error he made in the first leg against the venomless Vipers and according to this source, Joshua Enaholo will be filling in for the former Kano Pillars man. Comical, I’d say. You won’t swap your best goalkeeper for the rookiest of all because of a mistake he made several matches ago. Fair play to Enaholo, I think he is a decent goalkeeper and one with the talent to keep for us for several years in the future, but there’s absolutely no way you would hand him a Champions League debut in a game such as this. That, as far as I am concerned is the recipe for disaster. 

The other gist is that Christian Obiozor will miss out the crucial tie for us due to injury and according to the writer, that is a big blow for us. Fair play to Obiozor and I think he’s one of the best strikers in the country, we have been without him since June. All through the 18 match days prior to lifting the League title least year, he did not kick a football for us and this season we have started without him. I miss him, the club, the team misses him but until he gets back to playing for us, his predatory prowess remains only a memory, a distant memory. Do I wish he would play tomorrow? Absolutely. But obviously he won’t and that as far as I’m concerned is hardly a blow. See guys, in two month’s time, it would be one year since he last played for us. Blow? Excuse me please. 

We will do what we know to do and that is to take care of ourselves. We will get out there and give in our best. In fact just play with just 25% of the Udoji heart and I think we would be absolutely fine. That’s not too much to ask for is it? 

In other news, I heard we’ve finally secured the services of Chima Akas. Hurray, that’s our third senior left back while we still have a center back playing makeshift in the opposite flank for us. What a time to be alive. 

That’s all for you this morning. 

Back tomorrow, 



2 thoughts on “Weekend wahala and some Vita’O thoughts. 

  1. This platform is cool. Thank u for dispelling those contrived rumours…Enaholo for Afelokhai….Obiozor’s huge miss…hehehe! Quite Laughable! U sounded sarcastic about Chima Akas rumoured moved to Enyimba….Is there any substance to that news?. For tomorrow, let keep it tight @ the back and got to the broke. 2- 0 victory.—Kalu Nnanna

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cool platform but we’ve left Egypt. We are in Canaan. Chima Akas is one of the better left backs in the League but I don’t think we can play more than one LB at the same time in a position. I think Aloma and Uwadiegwu are decent enough and we should be looking to make additions in other departments. 2-0 looks good. Maybe 3-0 😉


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