Enyimba 2-0 Shooting: Abu and Joe to the rescue.

So we can actually win a team by more than one goal. Nice. The threat of former coach Kadiri Ikhana and his Shooting Stars ended up a somewhat easy 2-0 win. Good morning everyone by the way. Abu Azeez netted his first goal for us in his first start for us and Osadiaye made it … Continue reading Enyimba 2-0 Shooting: Abu and Joe to the rescue.


Enyimba vs Shooting Stars. A very mini preview:

I think it was P-Square who sang a song with these lines, 'we're back again'... I don't know the rest of the song, yea for real I don't and that part of the song is what came to my mind as I began this post. Well Enyimba is back on to the pitch yet again … Continue reading Enyimba vs Shooting Stars. A very mini preview:

Conversations and time for some self education.

Good morning Guys The holidays are over, work resumes and just like that 2016 Easter is puff, gone with the wind. Just like that. Sometimes you'd want these holidays to linger just a little longer but you probably value a thing much more when it's sweet but little as well. After the disappointment from last … Continue reading Conversations and time for some self education.

Rangers 2-1 Enyimba: We crumble in Enugu.

The most painful part of being 'thatenyimbafan' is authoring the blog after a defeat. Knowing it is more difficult and indeed more painful blogging the morning after, I sometimes rather prefer blogging the same day after a loss or poor result. Some bloggers like soccergunz.com prefer the morning after, mine is better at night. Moreover … Continue reading Rangers 2-1 Enyimba: We crumble in Enugu.

Match Preview: Rangers vs Enyimba

Good morning friends Happy Easter. This weekend means a lot to Christians because it basically is the foundation of our faith. We believe that Jesus not only died for us but he rose and he is coming back again. The life hence is acknowledging and believing this. That's Christianity in a nutshell. Not like you … Continue reading Match Preview: Rangers vs Enyimba

Early 042 thoughts.

Samson Siasia's Super Eagles have influenced the general theme this morning all across the country courtesy of their disappointing draw yesterday. I still am not a Super Eagle fan, I am an Enyimba fan and I am an NPFL fan and judging from yesterday's game, I'll have my money that an Udoji led defence would … Continue reading Early 042 thoughts.

Another routine 1-0 win.

Happy Good Friday everyone. For those who don't know what Good Friday means or stands for, its the day we Christians celebrate the death of Jesus Christ. Sounds ironic, how do you celebrate death? Well, its a death that produced/produces life hence the cause for the celebration. You need more details, hit me up. Enyimba … Continue reading Another routine 1-0 win.

Match Preview: Enyimba vs. Plateau United.

Good morning Guys We are back to League action this evening as we face the side from Jos in our adopted home ground, Umuahia. Prior to this tie, we have played three games out of the eight others have and our three points from those three games mean we are placed at the relegation regions, … Continue reading Match Preview: Enyimba vs. Plateau United.

For those on the fringes.

Good morning Everyone. Its midweek and while our fellows play today, we rest our limbs wearied by the Burundi to Nairobi to Lagos to Umuahia journey and ready ourselves to play Zachary Baraje's Plateau United tomorrow. The Champions League journey which saw us spend just about one whole week for a Saturday fixture left me wondering … Continue reading For those on the fringes.

We push on, against the odds

Good morning Guys, Now it has been a long long time since you heard from this blog. Well, I'm not sure you want to hear all the details but somehow and for some reason, we have been unable to get thatenyimbafan.com back online. Its both sad and shameful seeing that the funds required had been released … Continue reading We push on, against the odds