Our football will get better right? 

Good morning Guys, 

How una dey? 

Last night we had the Twitter chat with @akinnzo at 7pm and what an awesome 70 or so minutes it was. Didn’t know what direction the chat would go initially as I didn’t get to see the questions before hand but we had some interesting topics to attack. 

Particularly of concern to me was when He was asked what makes Enyimba special to me. If I was not born and bred in Aba, I think Enyimba would still be a side I admire particularly for the consistent successes they have had over the years and the brand of football they play. The fact that when the chips are down, on the big stage, they rarely disappoint is yet another reason why this clubs remains special. I met a Professor from Oyo State last week and we were talking about Nigeria’s CAF Champions League chances. He said, he knew nobody can beat Enyimba 4-0 in a CAF Champions League match. He said Enyimba has a Spirit, a tradition that drives them on beyond others. I couldn’t agree more.

Another question was what I foresee for Enyimba in the next 5 years. My reply was, 3 Premier League titles, 1 CAF champions League title, a landmark feature in the city by means of giving back to the community, maybe Enyimba having the best well equipped hospital in town, a more stable financial structure and improved welfare package for the players. Truth remains that as a good and big and successful as club as we are, we are still far away from having arrived. There are still quite a number of areas where we are falling short. We still hear of players striking for owed fees and bonuses and all. We should have sailed beyond these. I think we should within five years become one of the more stable and we’ll run clubs in the Continent. 

I believe that with some of the innovations the LMC is putting in place, not only would we see massive improvements in Enyimba, we would see an all around development in our football as a whole. Everyone must be committed to making things work. It is everybody’s responsibility. It is wrong for anyone to feel they are above these laws because ultimately we all want the greater good of our clubs, our league and of course our National team.

We painfully watched 90 minutes of Sokari Kingsley and the Super Eagles yesterday. Gone are those days when we watch them with excitement, the team looks clueless in possession and just all over the place without the ball, just so painful to watch. Compare what we saw yesterday with the Flying Eagles we saw few weeks ago and you see that there is a big big problem.

Our National team handlers should actually realize that there is a lot of work they need to do beyond just saying they are unhappy with the draws. Our football is still malleable at this stage, this is why we have the league. Having your club win at all costs at home leads to you failing at the big stage because no one can help you then. Let’s let the boys play well and win creditably. Losing a home game is not the end of the world, having an unbeaten run at home is useless if all you are is a local champion. We want the best for our football, why win the battle and lose the war? 

We all hope and pray that things will get better. 

All is well in camp and tomorrow we can talk more of what’s going on in there. 

Enjoy your day…


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