Super Super Super Eagles…you will go to USA and win the World Cup! 

Morning Guys, 

So last night, the Super Eagles could not fly past the cranes of Uganda in our most recent Grade A friendly match. When this encounter was named a Grade A friendly, I thought that was comical but a simple definition of a Grade A friendly is playing against an opposition that will give you quality fight and can beat you home or away, so maybe the guys who tagged this a Grade A friendly were right after all. 0-1 in Uyo against the Cranes of Uganda. Wonderful.  

Merely looking at our performance on the night and the fact that we lost to Uganda right at our doorstep, one cannot help but just wonder which teams we can beat with ease nowadays. Name one, anybody? There is practically none. On a night that Vincent got his cap 100, just like on Yobo’s we lost. Of course, the reason for losing has nothing to do with the Century of caps but the fact that we played poorly. Daniel Amokachi who has held the fort in the absence of Keshi has done nothing to suggest that he really deserves the job on a permanent basis and even though I for one is no fan of Keshi, I think he is a better choice than The Bull. But then again, I don’t think it’s just about the coaches. 

You can’t help but wonder if we will be having such displays if we paid more attention to improving our League. What we do is, whenever there is a game for the Super Eagles, we quickly start dialing numbers of our footballers who are in Europe. Whether they are currently performing for their teams or not, that’s not the issue, as long as they are plying their trade outside the shores of the country then they are welcome. The result is the kind of display we saw last night. If half the efforts put by the NFF is invested in our League, there is no way our National Team will be in the kind of mess it is in right now. Kano Pillars, Enyimba and Warri Wolves are three teams I know that could have beat the Cranes last night. But no, it’s all about the foreign based guys, folks who hardly feature for their clubs weekly. They don’t even know each other. Smh. 

We should play South Africa in a few days…I’ve got nothing more to say just yet. If we mess up this unbeaten run, then…then what? Seriously? Then what? We cannot claim we are better than they are with how low our football has sunk. Look at both leagues and make comparisons and you need not to be told that the League is a huge factor in how good their National Team is. The LMC has been phenomenal and big thumbs up to them but it’s not just the LMC, everyone has s role to play. If we have to move our football forward, everyone has to do his part. 

On an Enyimba viewpoint, our two wonder kids barely featured last night. Sokari was hurdled up on the bench and could have used some blanket while Mfon Udoh joined the fray to show us how good he has become in learning to throw-in the ball. I would have preferred Sokari at home with the rest of the Enyimba boys whose minds are on the forth coming Champions League encounter with Smouha. Which our progression hangs on the slimmest of ropes. Believe me, his presence or lack of it plays a significant role in our attacking play. 

We won’t be seeing them both till after the South Africa game and that’s if Samson Siasia doesn’t creep into the Eagles camp at night to steal Sokari from Amokachi for his crucial tie with Zambia. I’m only shaking my head vigorously and wondering how we can arrive at our promised land. 

Back home, the boys are in camp all laid bare before Kadiri Ikhana who is getting them set for next week’s encounter. Total focus is vital if we are to have any chance of progressing and I believe one person who can get that out of the boys is Mr. Ikhana. Let’s pray that their preparations go well. We can at least pray, and be expectant right? 

That’s your lot guys…

Enjoy your day and stay away from trouble. 


4 thoughts on “Super Super Super Eagles…you will go to USA and win the World Cup! 

  1. Yesterday’s game was disheartening. I had a feeling that we would lose before the game but i wished it away for Enyeama’s sake but we were like the 10 feet of the golden stature in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream: clay mixed with iron.
    I don’t know who to blame but a national team with no permanent coach for about 8 months is bad omen for Nigeria. It is just a cariture. Unfortunately, i have just Nigeria to love utmostly and i can only hope.

    For Enyimba, “if i hear pim?”. Failure to qualify to the semifinal of the CAF champions league will be immeasurably disappointing.

    Enough for now.

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