Daddy Kadiri Ikhana

Good morning Guys, 

A very quick one for you today. 

We look to build on Sunday’s win with an FA Challenge Cup this evening with $&@-;/;$&@$((?$#%€£>¥#%*%. Im sure some of you geeks can decipher the name of this mystery club. I don’t know myself but I believe we will find out who will play at 3pm when they arrive however it’s surely going to be one of the smaller teams in the State.

So almost insignificant that the starting eleven was released yesterday. 

Femi Thomas. Bala Zakka, Ifeanyi Anaemena, Uche John, Ugwu Uwadiegwu, Uche, Razak Aliyu, Chimezie Amanfor, Ifeanyi George, Ebenezar Odeyemi and Emeka Ayaya Nwanna 

That’s as fringe a compilation as possible. You would however think that because that most of them have not played in a while and some are lacking match fitness, our opponents could spring a surprise. Bery very unlikely if you ask me because these are guys banging hard on the first team door so Coach Kadiri will be watching to see who impresses and who should be getting back into the first team soon so it’s an opportunity to impress. A sensible player will grab it with both hands and legs. 

There was a ‘father-to-sons’ meeting yesterday where coach Ikhana talked with the boys after training yesterday. The coach spoke to them about saving, about taking care of their families, about having healthy lifestyles and staying focused on their future. It was so instructive that the effect was tangible on a lot of them all evening. Footballers can be very interesting personalities and the ones who fail to imbibe the right mental, behavioral and psychological attitudes and habits pay for it in the long run. So telling them about saving, about healthy lifestyles and a good professional attitude is for their good. 

The players will all be in camp all through next week as he puts them through their places ahead of the Champions League second leg in Egypt on April 4th. It will be a good time to bond both on the pitch and off it and to consciously realign everyone’s focus on what we hope to achieve this season. He also assured them that the management will pay them their entitlements as soon as possible as he had urged them to. There is something about Enyimba’s performances that makes us love the club even more. The players are not as well taken care of as maybe Pillars but when the stakes are high, we show what we are made of. That is why we are the best club in the country and one of the best in the Continent. That is why we will remain fans. 

I’ll be at the game and I will get you live updates from the match. From 4pm or so. But it will be via Twitter so you just have to follow us via the handle @enyimbaenyi. We follow back, Most times. 🙂 

Ok, that’s your lot. 

Have a great day and please please please stay away from political violence biko! 

Till Later



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