Time for some Egyptian mudslinging. 

Morning guys. 

You bet we’ve not heard all there is about Sunday’s CAF Champions League victory against Smouha SC of Egypt. A number of hits and counter hits from the opposing corners. According to SuperSport, our opponents said we did not treat them well on their arrival last week. 

“We didn’t meet anybody from Enyimba and we got bad treatment. We took care of ourselves upon arrival (in Nigeria); from hotels to buses (internal transportation), to training pitches and everything else. The only people who helped us were the men of Arab Contractors but (we received) zero help from Enyimba,” 

Wonderful! That’s their coach talking. From his story you would believe Enyimba management should be bound hands and feet and cast into the abyss but listen to Chief Anyansi Agwu’s version- 

“That is not true. Such statements are lies and deceit. It is a shame that (Toulan) will say such things. He has not painted a true picture of what happened and that is a tricky one. Smouha arrived in Abuja when they know Enyimba is not based (in that city). Ordinarily, we were supposed to receive them once they arrive in Nigeria but we were only notified about an hour before they touched down in Abuja. There was nothing we could have done because they had already decided to sleep over in Abuja. They are just trying to whip up all sorts of sentiments so that when they go back home, they can feed their people with all sorts of stories. We initially got information that they (Smouha) would come into Nigeria via Lagos and we had representatives of our football club in there to receive them only for us to hear they were coming in through Abuja.” 

“It happened too quickly and there was no way we could alter our plans in the one hour that we got the information because we do not own a private jet. When they eventually arrived in Owerri, we made sure we had our people there to receive them. We went there with police escorts, a bus and everything other thing to make them safe and comfortable. Do you know that they rejected everything we brought to Owerri for their comfort? The rules in the CAF Champions League have changed and teams are now allowed to take care of themselves,” 

So you can deduce what you will from the story but some underlying facts are clear especially from Chief Anyansi Agwu’s version. The opponents changed their route and sent the information about an hour before their arrival. I’m not sure if the mode of passing this communication was via SMS or just BBM whereby you just drop the information and not get a confirmation from your hosts that they will indeed be ready in Abuja for you, but it looked as though there was no agreement in time before they headed for Abuja.

On the other hand, I don’t know if one hour is sufficient time to arrange for the well being of the visitors. If not, why weren’t they told to ensure it is Lagos they were coming to not Abuja? The fact remains that the communication channels were not utilized properly for this hence the ‘bad treatment’. Again, why didn’t the coach mention their own part in this mess in his own interview? Is it just about accusing Enyimba for being a bad host? Anyway, I believe these guys will sort themselves out in two weeks when they return the visit. 

We arrived Makurdi yesterday for tomorrow’s Premier League rescheduled game against Lobi Stars. That game should hold tomorrow, I believe and we should be looking to get all three points in that one. We have the momentum so we should do well in that one. I’ll have a preview for you tomorrow. 

Finally for today, Daniel Amokachi has named his squad for the Super Eagles friendlies against Bolivia and South Africa and the duo of Mfon Udoh and Sokari Kingsley made the cut. I’m particularly worried about Sokari Kingsley. He’s practically playing for everyone now and thankfully he recovered from the injury he picked with Samson Siasia’s side to feature last Sunday. Now he’s also drafted to play in the Super Eagles, I’m concerned about a burn out. I’m concerned about injuries and guess who will suffer it when it actually lands? It’s his club whose ambitions his absence could derail. As good as Nzube Anazemeba is, he is not a replacement for Sokari and these National Team coaches should actually do a tour and find worthy deputies for these positions. 

I think Amokachi and co should actually attend some of our League games and actually watch some of these players. There are more than sufficient Sokarisque players all around our pitches crying for attention. I could also do the scouting for them if they need my services. Don’t worry about the fees, they are not over the top. 

Ok, that’s your lot for today


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