Big game Preview Enyimba vs Smouha 

Good morning guys,

It’s Match Day. Finally.

Let’s be honest, this week was the probably the slowest in living memory, Ok, I kid you, I kid you guys. I’m just trying to say that we’ve anticipated this game so much that waking up this morning to realize today’s the D day gives a very good feel. 

This feeling however doesn’t matter as much as the performance. We face Smouha, a club that also has a blueish nickname too. They are called the Blue Wave and they like us finished second in their league last year. Looks like they are copying us, why not we beat them black and blue today?

Ok, I’m gonna get serious now. After last Sunday’s disappointing outing and a long week to stew over it, we are keen to make amends. It’s been a very hectic and serious week in training and as it stands, Kadiri’s headache should be who and who he picks for this one. 

Usually we go 4-4-2 at home, but I don’t like the thought of the Egyptians outnumbering us in the middle of the park. A 4-3-3 would’ve been more preferred as we look to keep possession and actually do something with it. As I said earlier in the week, the second leg is a slight advantage in that it is their home turf and they are used to the surroundings but they will be playing behind closed doors. However most importantly is that we keep our sights on this game today and actually take along a healthy advantage for that one 

I believe that Ihkana has had sufficient time to interact with his boys and he has spoken with the on the need to be up for it today. Let’s hope it goes according to plan. 

There’s been calls to drop Chinonso Okonkwo but you can’t ignore what he brings to the team, maybe his finishing leaves lot to be desired but he is a player who you can bet on his 110% commitment and hard work throughout the game, so unless you have a better alternative, I think we stick with him and partner him with Peter Onyekachi. Alternatively, he can deploy Peter upfront and introduce Nzube and Sokari in the middle. That of course is if Sokari has been able to shake off the alleged injury he came back from Abuja with. 

Key as always will be to start early like we did against Buffles and to take the chances that come our way today. I think they will come all out to play and we will have a real battle on our hands but we should be stronger here at our shrine. 

So we could see Ejiogu, Aloma, Udoji, Anyanwu, Ojobo, Sikiru, Nzube, Abalogu, Etor, Okonkwo, Onyekachi. 

Prediction? I’m torn in between 2-0 or 3-1. 

There of course will be 3500 free tickets, so if you’re in town or close by, you could be among the 3500 who will gain free entrance into the stadium. The time of course is 4pm 

If you are faraway though, you could rely on our Twitter handle @enyimbaenyi. 

Let’s do this guys. 

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