A word or two about Mr. Mfon Udoh. 

Good morning Guys,

Today we celebrate Enyimba striker Mr Mfon Udoh, it’s his 23rd birthday today. While wondering what to do on this blog for him today, The temptation was to list all the goals he scored for Enyimba last season but then that’s probably gonna be a boring and lengthy list so why not rather  just say one or two about his person. 

The first contact was in April last year just after our Lobi game in Aba, a game where we practically took them to the cleaners. I was intrigued by this speed machine on the flanks. I think he also scored in that game I’m not sure. I came closer at full time to look at this number 10. I would interact with him more subsequently and I realized the guy is really nice to be around. Aside that, he’s very professional when interacting with you, I interviewed him several times last year and for every time you talk with him, you see an inspired, motivated and intelligent player. Aside just that, Mfon is not a player who just says anything because you’ve got the camera on him, No, he really has his sights on where he wants to get to and secondly on how to get there. 

On one occasion I spoke with him during the World Cup break. He was on 8 goals at the time and it looked unlikely that he would even catch up with the rest of the bunch who had scored more. He looked at me and said, “Mr Sam, I will meet my target of 20 goals this season”. It was difficult believing him but something about his words convinced me that he wasn’t making empty and silly blabs. So I asked him, how would you achieve it, how do you think you can arrive at 20 goals this year? His response; “It’s about working hard to improve my game. Also, I watch Messi and Ronaldo a lot. How do they score goals? I try to learn one or two from them”. 

That interview lasted about 20 minutes but it was enough. The guy had won my heart over. So I made it a duty to call him as often as possible before games and I gave him a nickname- The best striker on earth. His humility and passion for success was just more than anything I’ve seen around here for a long long time. 

At the end of the season, he not only ended the season setting the highest goal scoring tally for a season but he got us out of jail severally. Crucial goals, Nembe away, Federations Cup finals to name but two. Once last year when I interviewed Chinedu Udoji, he said Mfon Udoh was the toughest striker he ever played against. Imagine the differences in size and build of these two players Chinedu Udoji and Mfon Udoh, then imagine Skippo saying Mfon was the toughest he played against, that should say it all. 

His proposed move to Ismaily fell through at the dying minutes and he’s come to accept the will of the almighty. All things work together for good to them that love God. The highest of heights is still very possible if he heeds to the very same words he spoke to me that day at the Enyimba camp- “It’s about working hard to improve my game. Also, I watch Messi and Ronaldo a lot. How do they score goals? I try to learn one or two from them”. 

Today we celebrate a player who will never be forgotten by Enyimba fans and indeed Nigeria football lovers. A superb athlete who we believe will yet dazzle the football world. Son, the ladder that brought you to this level is the same one that will take you to the next and higher level. 

Happy Birthday Mr Mfon Udoh. 

I know we have a crucial game tomorrow but I think Mfon Udoh deserves an uninterrupted Saturday edition of the blog. So you will get your match preview tomorrow morning. 


6 thoughts on “A word or two about Mr. Mfon Udoh. 

  1. Well i will personally wish him happy birthday.
    I’m taking my time to take a closer look at the way he plays.
    His approach to games and his dexterity.
    The way he motivate himself for games is often shows on the field of play.
    Happy birthday bro.
    I hope you could stay till Enyimba gets to the final of thus year CAF Champions league. (which will won by Kano Pillars of course..).
    Happy birthday once more.

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  2. That guy could be the most expensive naija export if Enyimba wins the CCL with him…I love the fact that he looks at d best in d world, he wnts to improve his game, I love his silky moves, he entertains, he’s fast, I jst selfishly wish he’d remain forever.

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  3. I was afraid he would complain . . inability to complete move to Egypt but he did not . I want him to be the first player from NPL to move directly to EPL .


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