Welcoming the Pharoahs and Ignoring the Ref. 

Morning Guys,

By evening today our Egyptian opponents are expected to be with us in Aba as they’ve been in Abuja for a few days now. You can look at this bunch and really affirm that these ones are a lot more organized than Buffles who waited till Saturday night to come into Town. Smouha allegedly sent in a delegation to check out the environment, get a suitable hotel and they are playing Sundays game as a cup final. You don’t blame them, having to play against us in a fortnight behind closed doors is hardly an advantage so they will see Sunday’s game as a very good opportunity to get a good result. We will be ready for them, trust me. 

My friend Fisayo told me yesterday that we got the worst choice of referees for the game – Daniel Bennett from South Africa. If you’ve never heard the name before, well, the stats below could ermmm introduce him very well and maybe give you the creeps like it did me. 

Nigeria vs Angola in Kano in 2005. Ended 1-1, we failed to qualify for 2006 World Cup

Nigeria vs Tunisia, 2009 in Abuja, ended 2-2

Rwanda vs Nigeria in Kigali, February 2012, ended 0-0

Sunshine Stars vs Al Ahly CAF CL semis 2012, ended 3-3

Ok, so it’s this Bennett guy that officiated all of the above games. My response to that is simple, let him come into Aba first, his jinx will malfunction. It’s obvious that we may not be getting any faours from this man but we won’t be needing any of his kindness if the real Enyimba shows up. In our days of studying football coaching, we say, ‘The referee is like the weather; it could be sun or rains, just stay focused on your game and he won’t even be a factor’. Having seen Enyimba for several years. I know we are capable of beating any team regardless of the pedigree of the referee at our shrine, if we turn up. And this is one Sunday I am convinced we would turn up in bright colours. 

The rest of the Nigerian Continental Contingent except Pillars will also be in action this weekend. Warri Wolves opponents are probably in town too, I saw some news or so about them on twitspace yesterday. Dolphins on the other hand, have some serious problems surrounding their trip. They are still in Nogeria as things stand and now are asking their opponents to move the game to Sunday. Some of these things can be avoided if we do things the way they should be done in our clubs. For a club struggling to score goals, how will they defeat Club Africains with this scenario? Well, there can be miracles when you believe. 

Let’s hope for a good performance from our teams this Weekend. 

While all that is going on, League action resumes this weekend. Kano Pillars will indeed be part of the action, taking on Bayelsa United in Kano.its really nice to hear the injured players are recovering nicely. We thank God. There’s a beautiful preview you can find here

Ok, that’s it for today. 

Have a great Friday. 



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