Ikhana’s Military Cantonment! 

Good morning Guys, 

I sincerely apologize for yesterday’s no post. We have been occupied with moving the blog to the permanent site and for the technical issues involved, we didn’t finish up in time, so please I apologize. 

In the camp, it has been extra hectic as Kadiri Ikhana has pulled out his military training methods. The disappointment of last weekend hit the manager so hard that after the game, he was very down and upset. In recent times, I’m not sure I have seen him looking that way and what that has now inspired is heavier work loads in training. Not just that they are on a two times daily training schedule but the actual drills are hitting home. They sat out training last week, so it is essential to recondition their bodies to the demands of the challenges coming ahead. Perhaps a little reminder that the season has actually started and a call for a total focus. When he took over last June, there was a change of mentality along the players, he would punish those who came late for training and everyone was really up to it. I believe it’s necessary to up the discipline level within the team and have everyone stay in tune with what is ahead. 

We face Smouha at the weekend in what should be our toughest fixture so far for the season. Believe me they will not be like Buffles who we simply skidded over about a month ago. As for the Egyptians, after unsuccessfully battling for a change of venue have come to accept that CAF will not be moving the venue. By the way the Pharoahs sited the Kano Pillars incident, saying that the country is unsafe for them. Merely reading the news I just laughed because it’s as funny as it gets. Truth is, the Kano Pillars incident as tragic as it is, is an isolated incident and making moves for a change of venue because of such incident that even happened up North is just hilarious. They should rather be bothered about facing the wounded Elephant. The return leg will be played behind closed doors, our quality should see us through that one and they know that if they can get a result in a jam packed Enyimba Stadium, they should be through. This shows how significant Sunday’s encounter will be. 

In a way, the disappointment of the Akwa United game can be a blessing in disguise for us in that we have woken up to the fact that we need to do more than just turning up for games and hoping to win. To win a football match you must be prepared mentally, physically and Enyimbalically. Just because we tried it last year and still overturned Kano Pillars (who had nothing to lose) doesn’t mean that it will work all the time. You win when you play well, you play well when you train well. It’s that simple. 

The game with Smouha means that our Premier League encounter with Lobi Stars initially slated for Sunday will now be played midweek in Makurdi. We have a large sqaud and while the likes of Sokari and Peter have been jumping up and down playing for everyone, everybody must be up to it because there are endless opportunities to grab your place in the team and impress the manager. 

We have not yet seen Ifeanyi Anaemena, Ifeanyi George and Ebenezar Odeyemi feature for us this term, these could not be unconnected with the fact that their registration processes and licenses may not have been finished yet. Let’s trust that the people responsible get it tidied up very soon. 

The interview I promised you which was slated for yesterday should appear on the blog before the end of the week. We are cosnstantly working to ensure that things are normalized here so we can add up the other features we want. 

Finally for today, I wish to say a happy birthday to my friend, brother and professional colleague Mr Fisayo Dairo. Met him less than a year ago but what an exceptional person he is. May God continually bless and strengthen you. May you find that missing rib of yours as soon as possible :). Amen

That’s your lot for today guys. 

Enjoy your day. 



4 thoughts on “Ikhana’s Military Cantonment! 

  1. So those Samouha are trying to pull the Mourinho kind of stunt right? Dem don loose.

    Hahahaha, you must be prepared ”enyimbalically” must be a form of PRESSURE from Enyimba enviroment right?

    Yet another good piece!!. Waiting for more.

    Liked by 1 person

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