We give Baraje a knife to get his pound of flesh.


So we started our Premier League Season with a goalless draw against Zachary Baraje and his men. It’s just dawning on me that I never really prepared for this result, so I’m here on my desk wondering how to even write this blog post. When was the last time I saw us perform like this at the Enyimba Stadium? I find it hard to remember seeing the boys this uncoordinated and very disorganized at home. Our opponents were the opposite, they were solid, rode their luck a couple of times, were as annoying as possible with countless Fake injuries and eventually left the Enyimba Stadium with a well deserved point.

You know I looked back at that game and it dawned on me that we never really worked their goalkeeper. He didn’t really have to make a spectacular save and the few chances we had, we either ballooned the ball over when it was easier to score or just fired straight and tame at Kayode. Mfon did have a quiet game but that was because he was fed crumbs all day. No service. To be honest, it was a poor showing from everyone in blue. It was so bad that I never really thought we would score. 

Idris Aloma looked tired and he was just struggling, would you blame him? He’s played every game we have had this season. Udoji who was unfit ahead of the game, also struggled. Etor darted in and out all game, with a kind of finishing we last saw early last season. Chinonso Okonkwo had a chance he missed early in the game, that was the last meaningful contribution from him. Nzube just wasn’t himself, proving why Kadiri prefers Sokari to him in that midfield role. Femi Thomas himself, had a big save to make in the second half but he had times when he looked like he wasn’t sure how to hold onto a football anymore. 

Baraje simply came with Kadiri’s ‘Giwa template’. It was just the man getting his pound of flesh, beating Ikhana with his own methods. When Ikhana came with Giwa in June last year, he took advantage of a disoriented Enyimba side, stocked his team well and eventually got their point. Baraje just repeated the feat, this time the Enyimba players made it easier for him. 

But you see, I look back and wonder if staying away from training the whole week had not backfired? We beat Buffles home and away and few days to our first Premier League game of the season, we go on strike. Now, did you get the money for which you had a strike? No. Did you win the match, No. Both ways, you lost. If that isn’t stupidity, I wonder what is. 

I’m not saying it is ok to owe players but sometimes we have to look at the bigger picture. I doubt if those guys wanted to lose draw that game yesterday but that is what not training and having the right attitude gives you. 

Well, it’s our first loss draw of the season. I hope we have learnt our lessons. 

Great day guys. 


4 thoughts on “We give Baraje a knife to get his pound of flesh.

  1. They did the right thing embarking on “strike” . Perhaps that was the reason for the draw . The management should pay the players-no sentiments . “A labourer deserves his wage .”

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