Beyond the football.

Good morning Guys. 

I sat on my desk and stared long and hard into space wondering how to begin this blog today. It’s been a sad 24 hours for our football and indeed our country. Usually we say, good news or bad news which do you want first? Unfortunately this morning guys, I have bad news and bad news to talk about. 

First is the ugly, wicked incident that took place yesterday involving Kano Pillars. The Champions were their way to Owerri to honor their first league game of the season which should have been tomorrow, Saturday when they ran into robbers. Well, five players injured to varying degrees and some valuables taken from these players completely swung the football family into mourning. On Social media, reactions from every quarter condemning the act of these wicked and unreasonable men. Such incidents that involve the lives of Nigerians and in fact human lives in general puts everything in perspective. 

Our rivalry and our desire to beat them to the Premier League trophy does not matter right now one bit, what does is that these are our brothers and fellow Nigerians who ran into some tragedy. Life is primary and football rivalry is set aside because one is more important than the other. It also brings to mind the incident last week where Gbenga Ogunbote, Sharks head coach and captain Odinga Odinga were beaten up by fans. If you injure another human being because of the stupidity of your football zest, what does it profit you? If as a fan you make your home ground a death zone for opponents and officials, let’s even assume you fight and kill your way to winning the games, and you win all the trophies in football, how does that improve your life? Our lives and to some degree, the lives of others are a gift of trust from the Almighty to us, we cannot treat this anyway  we like. 

I pray for all of them who got injured in the incident and I wish them speedy recovery. 

Back home guys, all is not well. News emerged that the old Enyimba players are on strike. Reason? They are owed sign on fees and match bonuses from last season hence they have threatened to boycott the Akwa United game. In fact news emerged that they have not been training since their return from Benin Republic. Honestly, I’m fed up with talking about this ugly situation in Nigerian football. How can we win the title when our old and more experienced are not playing? We welcome Akwa United on Sunday and it’s a game that is live on TV and I tell you we stand the risk of losing our first league game of the season. 

I’ll keep saying that I don’t believe that our clubs should remain being funded by the government. How will a government look in your direction at a time when they are seeking reelection into the office? We have to source funds to run our clubs from alternative means and until we do these incidents will keep reoccurring. We know what to do yet we claim we don’t.  It’s a shame. 

I pray that things get better, for the injured players, for our clubs, for our football. I also pray that I don’t have to offer you a post as sad as this ever. 

Enjoy your day. 


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