The New Premier League Season looms. 

Finally guys our new season is almost here. That 3-1 victory over Kano Pillars at the Enyimba Stadium has become something of a distant memory now and of course we have had the Champions League and the Super-4 before it to keep ourselves occupied, the main event is back again. 

For us we welcome Akwa United to the Enyimba Stadium on Sunday. Kano Pillars play Heartland on Saturday while those small boys in Umuahia travel to Jos. It’s been a long long 3 months if you ask me and I am grateful the new season is finally getting started. 

Our duels with Akwa United have not been without significance especially in the recent past. One time after a game at their place, customer goods worth several millions were destroyed because the game didn’t go quite as planned. Both teams have become more sane in recent times and they do the real talking on the pitch. This one however has more significance; aside just a reunion of former players Femi Thomas, Mfon Udoh, Chimezie Amanfor and the newly signed Ezekiel Bassey, former coach Baraje who by the way has been talking tough is bringing them to the Enyimba Stadium. Kadiri Ikhana brought his Giwa charges last season and ripped him of two points. That night the Aba fans said ‘Away with him” and that was the end of his Enyimba tenure- Just half season, few months after winning the Super -4 then. Whatever happened to that coach who led El Kanemi Warriors to a fourth placed finish? The magic didn’t just work at the Enyimba Stadium. And every coach in the country knows just how much pressure handling Enyimba brings with it. 

Our target for this season has to be to win the League. Finishing in second place, one point from Pillars on both occasions, should be something of the past by now. We can make matters easier for ourselves by winning all our home games and getting valuable points from our Oriental neighbors. Possible? Of course. We have Abia Warriors, Rangers, Heartland, Gabros, Dolphins, Sharks and Akwa United nearby teams that we can have a full house of supporters and get points from the games. If we do that and win all our home games, we can win the title. 

We have the right congregation of players, a sound technical crew and two very good players for every position, some even more than two. We must define our targets with the players and be set all out to achieve them. In Kadiri Ikhana we have a manager whose abilities I have absolute faith in and one that wants to achieve a lot with us. We can hope that everything goes well.

Finally, yesterday the LMC organized a one day sports medicine workshop for all the teams in the League. All 20 team doctors were in attendance listening to Professor Efraim Kramer a FIFA Medical Officer. The LMC then distributed the recently acquired emergency medical kit, Defibrillators to all the clubs. Defibrillators are used in emergency cardiac situations to resuscitate victims and FIFA have only recently issued a directive that it must be part of the medical kits present at all top level matches. If you watched Spurs Swansea last night and saw how Gomis slumped during the game you are reminded that these players are humans and accidents are possible. All the medical help these players can get while playing is most welcome. Big thumbs up to the LMC, we are expectant of more changes.

By the way Our game on Sunday is on TV, so everyone of us has the opportunity of watching us trash Akwa United :). 

Ok ok that’s your lot guys, 

Enjoy your day 



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