Nzube Anaezemba 

My Dear friend Fisayo Diaro calls him his favourite Enyimba player and honestly there’s hardly anyone who has watched Nzube Anaezemba a k a Luka Modric and did not fall in love with him. Except one person. I’ll tell you. 

Currently in his fourth season at Enyimba, Nzube was plucked from Rising Stars but it took him a while to get his footing in the club. He represented the country soon after when a John Obuh led under 20 side participated in an 8th Nation Tournament in South Africa. It was a bad campaign, Nigeria finished bottom of the group. It was however the start of a bad spell for him. The new manager just wasn’t sure of him and nothing he did impressed him. He would spend most of the times open the sidelines. He however came to the fore though for the club when Kadiri Ikhana took over. 

The Anambra born lad is a right footed central midfielder and also is a danger from long range. Diminutive in stature but not in heart, he’s a good goalscorer too. Scored four in the second half of last season, all at the Enyimba Stadium While His first goal  for the club was against ABS three seasons ago. 

We wish him a great and fruitful season at Enyimba International Football Club this year. 


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