Talking Tactics with Coach Tams

Good morning Coach,

As one who has followed the League over a period of time, how do you think we will set up in this one?

I read your post for yesterday, it’s a good write up. I don’t think Amanfor is registered for the CAF league so also is Uche John. Playing five defenders is a usual trade mark of Kadiri now but my guess is the centre backs will be Emma Anyanwu, Chinedu Udorji and whoever is the other Center Back they signed for the competition.

In this game, the pressure will on him to play Chijoke Ejiogu because of fear of penalties and shoot out.

Not having Mfon Udoh in the team is a big minus because no attacker in the team has his kind of speed, skills and ability to create chances, to score or to assist. The onus also lies on whoever they have in attack to hold up play enough because it they cant hold play enough for the midfield and defence to come out sitting deep will be a big problem for the team.

Knowing the Francophone teams, they like to play a high pressing patern in whatever shape they want to start but I also feel that Ojobo will be a big plus to the Enyimba back line because of his ability to cover well and play the ball. He is one of those few defenders in the team that has the qualities to knock the ball around and play 20-30 meters passes into attack.

The ability of the players that will play as wide midfielders to check mate runs of the full backs and commit them without losing the balls at will can help to reduce pressure on the team and that means emphasis will be on them to keep the ball safe at all times when passes are played to them.

The Center Forward too must be ready to hold on to the ball turn take on the defenders alone on some occassions but try not to lose the ball. The ability to keep the ball safe and circulate in the opponets vital area will be key in this game. Chances are going to come hence the advice to the attack is be calm, composed and to execute well in firmness and belief in other words, never celebrate a goal before a goal.

So do you think Buffles can overturn that 3-0 deficit?

Everything is possible in football. I didn’t watch the reverse fixture but from what I heard it was same old Enyimba with plenty of missed chances in front of goal. A lot of individualistic plays and poor techniques in the execution at the vital area. Hence it all depends on the attitude, mentality, discipline to adhere to tactics and formation of the coaches and a good plan B should the first fail.

The team must stay committed to the game. Most of all, the team should not go with a game plan to sit and wait to defend but go in search for a goal of their own. I think that way it will put the opponents in search for more goals that will open their rear.

Mark my words “adherance to team tactics and play” will be first before luck.


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