New Season Fixtures…First up, Akwa United, Reunion for Ezekiel Bassey

Morning Guys,

So the fixtures for the new season is finally out.

The draws which held in Abuja took place about 8pm and from what we saw, we will kick off our season on the weekend of March 7-8, (most likely Sunday the 8th) against Akwa United. It’s a home fixture and against a side like Akwa United, that have had all kinds of trouble in recent times, you can’t help but rub your palms in glee. Should be an easy three points.

It’s also new signing Ezekiel Bassey and of course Mfon Udoh and Femi Thomas facing their former clubs. The fact that we have been playing competitive matches for the past several weeks and they haven’t even decided who will coach them this season means we have the opportunity of ending our 1-0 victory hoodoo which we have seen twice in a row now.


Pillars travel to Owerri and Wikki Tourists will play fellow ‘newcomers’ Shooting Stars. It’s Giwa FC against those small boys from Umuahia and FC Taraba will host Rangers. You can find the rest of the fixtures here or here.

Who else can’t wait for the League season to start?

In other news, Nzube Anaezemba has revealed what it felt like missing that crucial penalty in our Champions League game last Sunday. You can find the whole story here but what is most touching is what he said could have been his fate had we not won 3-0.

‘To be honest with you, I am very relieved. I thank God. This is my first cap in the Champions League and if we did not score the other two goals, maybe you will hear that I am in the hospital”.

“After I missed that penalty, i was just down. I was not myself again. You know Aba fans, everybody will blame you. Everybody will just be talking about you. Thank God we won 3-0 and everybody forgot about my penalty”.

Very true. After he missed this penalty, he was barely involved in anything again for the rest of the game. It lets you even wonder why he decided to take the spot kick. He revealed that no other player agreed to take it.

“No, I am not Enyimba’s main penalty taker. When Peter (Onyekachi) was brought down. I went to one of the senior players and asked him to take the penalty, he said No. I called two other players and they said, No they will not take it. So I decided to take it. I take penalties in training so I was not afraid but in this one I did not score. I think maybe it was not meant to be because that is not even the way I play penalties. Maybe that is how God wanted it”.

Wonderful. Big players running away from taking penalties in the heat of things is not uncommon in football. We have seen it happen even in Europe and we hear of it usually when the one with the balls to attempt taking the spot kick misses it.

This makes you wonder if the burden of pleasing home fans does not have a negative effect on players a times. With the whole crowd watching and expecting you to take chances you have missed previously, it could increase the burden and hence fear of missing such vital chances. There has to be a way to instill confidence in players in such crucial games and moments, if you can miss at home, will It be easier winning away, with the opposition fans screaming at you?

Finally for today, we are trying very hard to make this a daily blog. Something new, something unique for you everyday and believe me, it is not easy. This is a free blog and it is exclusive for the Enyimba fans and our friends. So while we work hard on getting that done, excuse the things we try to mix into the plate and we see how that goes. We are going to keep at it and do our best so daily, you can pop in and see what’s going on here.

Enjoy today and biko stay away from trouble.



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