Do you believe in Football juju?

During the game on Sunday, I remember tweeting that ‘In my many years of watching Enyimba, I can’t remember us missing so many chances’ and boy did we miss them chances. A whole lot of them.

In the course of the game there of course were so many explanations, theories from where I sat, everyone, all the ‘pundits’ around were trying to explain what was going on. One lady said its the pressure from the crowd, that the fear of making mistakes is forcing the players to lose their composure in front of goal. One sitting behind me said Kadiri Ikhana did not quite ready these strikers as he promised. Then there was another one which came after the game; that our opponents came with juju.

Juju?” I asked
“Oh Yes” was the empathic response.

This guy, one of the people assigned to carry out some special duty during began to explain how juju and football are interwoven in some of these regions, citing examples.

I looked astonishingly at this guy. Juju? Are you kidding me?

Well, looking at what chances we missed the spiritual ones could have said we were fighting some supernatural powers who were against us.
Let’s even look at some of those chances again,

Okonkwo’s first half miss was probably the worse of the day but was it juju that made him rather than round the keeper or try the chip opted to pass to someone in an offside position? Juju? Doesn’t feel so.

Or Esieme’s cross from the right in the first half that Peter nodded wide. Juju? Naaaaa, I’ve seen Arsenal’s Nicklas Bedtner clear the ball off his opponents goal line- a post he was supposed to be scoring.

Or wait, how about Nzube’s penalty kick? He ballooned the ball over the bar, na the juju extend the goalposts for him, making him pick a spot that looked just perfect but turned out to be over the bar?

Or his strike that hit the bar, wait, what of Aloma’s one on one chance that the keeper saved? I could go on and on…

But hold on, how did Etor’s 7th minute goal slip in beyond the grasp of the ‘juju‘? Did someone forget to ‘switch the juju on’ early in the game and only remembered his duty after the goal had slipped through?

And then, we got two late goals. Perhaps the juju was regulated to work for 80 minutes instead of 90. Another human error which now backfired.

Well guys, even if it was a game like the folk lore where we were told India beat Nigeria 100-0 or is it 100-1, one needs not be reminded that one of the countries yet to lift the AFCON is Benin Republic where our opponents are from. So if your juju never win AFCON for you, na World Cup e fit win for you? Hold on, Was Benin Republic even at the just concluded AFCON?

No doubt we live in a continent where spiritualism has some upper hand but to be sincere I don’t believe such things like juju works in football.

Anyone, pundit and fan alike can thinker reasons why a game we probably should have won by maybe ten goals, we only won by three. It has to be anything guys, anything but definitely not juju.

See you tomorrow.


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