Solid trampling over Buffles.

Good morning Guys,


Now how insane was that?
3-0 in a game that we probably could have done a ‘Bayern Munich’ on our opponents.

No doubt If anyone had offered us 3-0 before kickoff, we would have grabbed it with both hands but looking back at what happened in that game and what eventually was the score line, it almost wants to feel like a defeat. That’s how crazy yesterday’s game was.

Kadiri Ikhana made some interesting selections, opting for Idris Aloma at left back ahead of Uwadiegwu who infant was not even in the match day squad. Peter Onyekachi was understandably preferred to Rafael Boumsong as Chinonso Okonkwo’s strike partner. Etor and Abalogu on the flanks while Sokari and Sikiru, another surprise inclusion, were in the number ’10’ and ‘4’ positions respectively. Ejiogu is goal, Emma Anyanwu and Chinedu Udoji on Bright Eseme’s left in the center back position.

We got off to a flier and from the first minute we knew it was attack attack attack all the way and after a couple of missed early chances, Etor gave us the lead. You look back at that goal and you wonder where Peter Onyekachi gets his strength from. Fine work on the left to keep the ball in play, the drive to square for Etor, unmarked at the back post to tap in. Dream start.

Then what followed was a comedy of misses. Comical to say the least. Abalogu, Onyekachi, Okonkwo and Etor all taking turns to. The misses were just unbelievable such that at some point you wonder what in the world was going on. By the time we were going in for half time. You would’ve felt we should have been 4 goals up.

Second half started and it was same story. Etor fired wide at an open goal and Anazemeba took his place. We now had more bodies in the middle and thus attacked even more. A swift counter saw Peter bundled down in the area. Nzube would stand before the spot kick and after what felt like eternity, he ballooned his spot kick high and wide of the goal. This of course was after he had hit the woodwork from 25 yards.

Shortly the sleeping visitors went ahead and in one mad Ejiogu moment, the keeper found himself in no man’s land. Thankfully Aloma was behind him and he cleared off the line. Don’t even try to imagine it. 1-1? Tufiakwa.

As the game was drawing to a close, you knew 1-0 was never going to enough especially against a team we had beaten blue and black. Abalogu was withdrawn for Boumsong. All three match day strikers now on the pitch. Okonkwo moved to the right.

Finally, the second goal game in the 83rd minute. Bright Esieme galloped down the right and crossed. The defenders all had their eyes on the strikers and forgot Bobby Sokari at the back post. The number 10 simply nodded in to calm flaring Aba nerves. And by the way, did I tell you we had a capacity crowd? The stadium was filled to the brim. Check out some pictures on the @enyimbaenyi Twitter handle.

2-0 was better than 1-0 and we could take that but the boys had better plans. The third goal was the best for me because not only did it make moving into the next round more likely, it also was good reward for Peter who had a fantastic Enyimba debut. That guy if he stays focused will be a star in the National team in the near future. Okonkwo crossed into the area and he nipped it in ahead of the couple trying to tack him in the box. 3-0. Game Over.

What a game.

Well I just tried to tell the match story, tomorrow I will try to do some analysis of the game and the impact this scoreline but for now let’s enjoy this very difficultly earned 3-0.



6 thoughts on “Solid trampling over Buffles.

  1. Good capacity crowd at the Int’l stadium, massive three goals, and great start as well. I think it’s save to say we are through to the next round. Up Enyi..!!

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