“Man Unkind to Mankind” in Nigerian football league

Naija Football League

Hard tackles!credit:Shengolpix

Please i need your comment with the picture here. For me i term this “Man-unkind-to-mankind”. I know this player must have escaped with just a “partial yellow-card” or not even any booking at all.

Many people will agree with me that Nigerian football league is riddled with too much hard tackles, career threatening tackles. Some of you guys remembers the case of Mustapha babadidi, a fantastic and yet promising player, got injured during a match and a season had passed now, he had not be able to make it out of the injury.

His striking partner 2 season ago, Sanni, has been a shadow of himself in Rangers book in the just concluded season, ever since he too was back from injury.

I have since discovered that in Nigeria league, no “highest-goal-scorer” get to replicate the same performance the following season (If they dot get to travel abroad). Very many…

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