The Elephants versus the Buffalos, who has seen that movie?

Good morning Guys,

It is the day before our first Champions League game of the season, and I have a little surprise for you, it’s by 7pm and its on Twitter. If you are free, just join us 7pm on the handle @enyimbaenyi. I won’t let the cat out of the bag but you will be glad you did, IF you are an Enyimba fan. Won’t say more.

The response yesterday on the competition was just remarkable. Thank you to everyone who participated. I however felt that a lot of us do not have sufficient knowledge on the names of our players hence a lot of ‘potential goal scorers’ did not even get a mention. So I have tried to scribble down a list of some of our players this season. The list is below.

This is not the final and complete list for the coming season. There still could be exits and new entrants but these should be part of the Champions League and so for the mean time, this should suffice. The Official site will update their data pretty soon as the new season starts and we can see images and personal details. So for the time being, just know their names and respective positions. It’s also a larger pool for you to make your guesses from, so feel free to change your predictions.

By the way, the remaining Enyimba team player from that Victorious 2003 Squad recounted what the experience was like winning the trophy back then. You can see that interview here. You wanna see that, surely.

Chijioke Ejiogu (Arugo Monkey)
Femi Thomas
Paul Godwin
Moses Ocheje

Markson Ojobo
Bala Zakka
Ugwu Uwadiegwu
Idris Aloma
Bright Esieme
Chinedu Udoji (Captain)
Emmanuel Anyanwu
Ifeanyi Anaemena
Chibuzor Madu
Uche John

Rasheed Olabiyi
Kamal Sikiru
Abdulrazak Aliyu
Chima Uluocha
Sokari Kingsley
Etor Daniel
Nzube Anaezemba
Andrew Abalogu
Chimezie Amanfor
Ifeanyi George
Emmanuel Egesi
Ezekiel Bassey

Raphael Boumsong
Abdulrahman Bashir
Mfon Udoh
Emeka Nwanna (Ayaya)
Chinonso Okonkwo
Peter Onyekachi
Fidelis Saviour

Next, someone asked me why I’m doing this and my response was or rather is ‘I’m just having fun’. I began supporting Enyimba before I became an Arsenal sympathizer. I watched Enyimba vs Iwuanyanwu back in the day on NTA Channel 6 Aba many years ago before it was safe for me to start going to the Stadium. They were not even live matches then.

On the night that we won the CAF Champions League, we saw the game on TV and all over the country more and more fans from all over the country became more in love with Enyimba. I know a lot of us here on this blog are Enyimba fans even though you have never been to the Aba stadium, and that is because Aba is probably not the most enticing cities in this country to visit but I believe some day as a lot of us dream of going to watch Arsenal at the Emirates or United at Old Trafford, you will be able to come here. A lot of us want to interact with the players, know them one on one, why? Because we have a passion and love towards Enyimba as a club. (Some love Heartland, Kwara United, Shooting Stars etc).

This is our own, our club. This is our League. No matter how much I scream my head out about Arsenal, truth is I can NEVER from here understand what an Arsenal/ Spurs rivalry means. No matter how much I try to explain the Invincible season, truth remains it is an experience we saw on TV and one I gained absolutely nothing from. Have you ever been to a Nigerian Premier League game and seen the fans shout, sing and scream? If you have not, start preparing to because till you do, you are yet to start.

Regardless of the city you live in, we must learn to support our own. No English man will ever want to wear a Kano Pillars jersey or even think of coming to Lokoja Township stadium to watch any of our teams. If we do not support our own, if we do not attend matches at the Stadium, our football may not live for much longer. This is why I praise whoever created that group online Let’s Talk Naija Football on Facebook and Journalists like Fisayo, Tobi and all others who love the Nigerian League with an unrivaled passion.

I know the Stadium may not be full at the moment, but be proud to buy a two hundred Naira ticket to go watch your local team, (or Enyimba when they come to town). Be proud to wear your local team’s jersey. Be Proud to learn some of the local songs the fans sing. Why? If we don’t, no other will.

Things may not be ideal at the moment in our football but they are getting better and the changes we crave can only be birthed by us. So try it out this season. Stand up on a typical match day in your city, drive down to the Stadium. It may not even be the Premier League, it could be the NNL or even lower. Spend two hours seeing the game and you will see how full of pride you will be when you are done.

Finally, don’t be a fan that supports your team winning by all means. Thats rubbish. I saw Enyimba get a draw against Giwa FC. It was one result that hit us hard. That day I was at the Stadium on my official duty. At the end of the match, while every one expressed their displeasure and all, I walked up to the referee and shook hands with him, congratulating him on a very good day at the office. He was firm and fair and truly Giwa was the better side on the day. In some cities, the fans would throw sachets of water and stones at the officials and opponents. That is absolute nonsense. We should demand more from our teams and not try to kill the referee and opposition. We should also remember that losing at home is also part of the game.

So long a blog, I should stop at some point, So Thank you for reading,

Heres to victory tomorrow and Have a great great Saturday.

Full Game Preview Tomorrow.


9 thoughts on “The Elephants versus the Buffalos, who has seen that movie?

  1. A wonderful piece !

    The subtle apology ,”So long a blog” is uncalled for . I had fallen in love witk Enyimba thou I do not know where Aba is . I wish to know how to buy their jersey .

    Liked by 1 person

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