Missing men back in camp + win your jersey Competition.


Morning guys.
Very quick one for you today as there are probably 532619 things to be done this morning.

Yesterday evening’s training had a full full house. Under -23 striker Peter Onyekachi has joined the team and boy did he look good yesterday. It will be tempting for the gaffer to leave him out of the starting eleven. If you ever watched Daniel Amokachi in his Super Eagles days, that’s what we are talking about. Sheer strength, drive and a passion you don’t see everywhere nowadays.

Mfon Udoh, Fidelis Saviour and Rasheed Olabiyi were also part of the training yesterday. Surely they will be short for Sunday’s encounter but then we also have the return leg in two weeks. Injured duo Emma Anyanwu and Nzube Anazemeba also trained, believe me guys, the squad available to Kadiri Ikhana should give him some serious selection dilemma. Well, that’s the kind of dilemma he’s being paid to have so let’s hope he gets it right.

A lot of you need Enyimba jerseys and judging from your response to the blog yesterday and the day before, you all seem ready to do whatever it takes to get one. So here’s a competition for you.

We will give out two jerseys to two fans who will correctly predict the scores of the two legged Champions League encounter with the Buffles.

The way it works is this-
1. Prediction Enyimba vs Buffles
2. Prediction Buffles vs Enyimba
3. Enyimba goalscores.

The reason for the third option is to help break a tie assuming we have more people who correctly guesses the first two. We will eliminate the winners based on how correct their guesses are. So if I guess a 2-0, 1-1 score line and say Boumsong and Abalogu are the scorers, if the scores are correct and Boumsong plus Abalogu scores at any point of the 180 minutes then you have performed better than someone who just wrote Abalogu as a goalscores. So look into your crystal ball very well because the more correct guesses are the winners. I Hope you understand. We will mail the jersey to the winning fans wherever you are, except of course the Sambisa forest.

That’s your lot for today guys, have a great great day.


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