Fifteen Per Cent


The countdown is on, 5 days to the start of our Champions League campaign.

The news yesterday evening was that the players were paid 15% of what they are owed. That means 15% of the owed match bonuses since last year’s Champions League campaign. It’s comical when you hear that even our former coaches Zachary Baraje and co were paid. Leaves you wondering why it took this long for this monies to be paid. Again, you look at the amount paid and you are like, what is this? 15%. If you get 15% in an exam, that’s carryover na.

Its not even up to the proverbial half bread or even quarter bread but ultimately it is something and we can have hope for more. It is easy to accuse them of owing players but this money owed is not the salaries. As much as I am aware, I don’t think Enyimba players are owed salaries. So when you consider the manner things are run in other clubs even some who have duties in the Continent, you can see that ours is not the worst out there. Truth is all these are pointing to the fact that we need changes, wholesale changes and pretty fast too.

In other news, it appears the League will start by March 7th as earlier announced and it could mean that the fixtures could be jam packed to see how far we can go before the elections start. I think it’s a good idea as there’s nothing worse for players than having to train endlessly with no football in sight.

Meanwhile our new boy Idris Aloma has expressed his delight at joining Enyimba. In an interview he said,

To play in Enyimba is so great for me because Enyimba has a lot of experienced players, due to the way their football is going, everyone loves to play for Enyimba. I love the way they play their game so I’m happy to be here”.

When asked of the side’s Champions League chances he said, “Definitely, with the way things are going, I believe we will win our first match. Then move to the Group stage very soon”

He has impressed in that left back position as we have seen in the warm ups. He has to be that good to keep the more experienced Uwadiegwu out of the team right now. He believes he has a lot to prove if he intends to be a regular for us.

I believe in myself and I know I can do well. It involves working hard and I am prepared to do that with the help of God”.

You can’t fault that, he’s a player excited to be playing for one of the best clubs in the continent. There will be enough games for him and for the other fullbacks in the squad.

There’s a nice article you can read on the forthcoming Continental Campaigns. You will find it here

Ok guys, that’s it for today. Enjoy your day.

P.S. For the blog, we are working on starting some competitions where fans can win replica jerseys and match day tickets to see games at the Stadium and all. We are working on that, hopefully we will be done soon, Just watch this space.


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