Nice and easy over Abia Warriors.


So we enticed those small boys into our den and dealt them an unforgettable lesson. 1,2,3, 4 on a Sunday evening feels very good. Just in case that sounding like French to you, we hit 4 past Abia Warriors at the Enyimba Stadium yesterday.

Sokari showed why he’s one of the most highly rated midfielders in the country with a superb performance. He dictated play, really took charge of that midfield and opened scoring for us with a well taken free kick. (I attached the free kick for you on the Twitter handle @enyimbaenyi, you could need a Vine App to see it. the things I do for you guys, SMH).

Then Rafael Boumsong scored his first three Enyimba goals at the Stadium since his arrival last season. Ok, I know that will not count but must you be a killjoy? The second was best of all, a thumping header from Bassey’s corner kick. A true center forward’s goal. Good leap, firm header, good pace to have it hit the back of the net before the goalkeeper could even react.

I could go on and on discussing the goals but I’m perhaps making a meal of it because Warriors were very very poor. In fact we should have scored six because except Nnaemeka Anyanwu, it was all fresh faces all through. Someone said on Twitter that Ladan Bosso grows footballers in the garden behind his house, I’ll agree to that.

Anyway, it was a moral boosting win as we look forward to the game at the weekend. Emma Anyanwu got Injured with a little over a quarter of the game played. Prior to the game he looked calm and quiet, you would think he was injured and I was surprised when he started. Najere fell over his ankle and he tried to run it off but simply couldn’t. Anaemena came in his stead. Add that to Nzube’s injury and you know we are missing two keys regulars. We don’t need that.

IAloma, Bassey and Uluocha all started and it’s good to see how well they have integrated into the team. Baring some unforeseen issues, we have a picture of what our starting XI for Sunday’s game will be and even though the lads from Benin are expected to give us a very tough game, we should be brimming with confidence after yesterday’s performance.

Boumsong has a big big season ahead of him as he has a lot to prove to us. No League goal for the whole of last season does not help your cause as a striker. He netted twice albeit in the Federations Cup but he was scoring at will during his time at El Kanemi Warriors which was what made us buy him in the first place. So seeing him score thrice should be a sign of good things to come.

Kadiri Ikhana still thinks he side needs to be more clinical in front of goal as Sunday approaches. You can’t blame him, he’s right. The Champions League is about goals hence your defence must be airtight and your attack generous. Let’s hope we oil out these machine clogs ahead of the weekend.

I’m gonna try to get a post for you every day of this week as we ready ourselves for the weekend. On your own part, you could say a prayer for us in your quiet times, it’s a nice and easy way of showing your support to this club.

Ok guys, that your lot. Have a great week.



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