Mutual Consent.

Good morning guys, Thank God it's Friday. We jet out (or bus out, or bicycle out whichever u prefer) to Benin Republic this afternoon. It all goes to the wire this Sunday (not Saturday as was advertised everywhere). We have established a healthy lead with which we are taking to this second leg but all … Continue reading Mutual Consent.


Buffles promise to upturn deficit.

Good morning Guys, Every morning itches us closer and closer to the second leg of our Champions League clash. Today is Thursday and from what I gather we should be leaving the country Tomorrow. For a game I learnt (from the CAF site) that should be played on Saturday, I don't know why we should … Continue reading Buffles promise to upturn deficit.

Three things; Enyimba vs Nembe City FC

Just dug out this,…couldn’t help but admire the sincerity of the writer


Enyimba put up a brilliant display to neutralize the threat of Nembe City in Aba on Sunday scoring three and conceding none to condemn their visitors to their seventh league defeat this term. Here are three things from the game.

  • They give no favours; no not at home:

Visiting teams know their primary target when coming to Aba is to even get a goal before the dream of winning. Enyimba made history when they went all through last season without conceding a goal at home and since that Match Day 4 loss to State rivals Abia Warriors, Enyimba have not only won every home game since then, they have also not conceded.

In their game against Nembe City, the visitors could not muster a shot on target till towards the end of the game and if you don’t make a shot on target, you are unlikely to score. Skipper Chinedu…

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Talking Tactics with Coach Tams

Good morning Coach, As one who has followed the League over a period of time, how do you think we will set up in this one? I read your post for yesterday, it's a good write up. I don't think Amanfor is registered for the CAF league so also is Uche John. Playing five defenders … Continue reading Talking Tactics with Coach Tams

Earnestly Praying for the Return of the Invisible Wall

Hello Guys, I'm sorry, this is coming late. Ermmm actually you know the political situation in the country. The cock and the hare decided to become in-laws so one day the dog said he wanted to move out of the animal kingdom because he didn't like how the bull snores when he sleeps and so … Continue reading Earnestly Praying for the Return of the Invisible Wall

Of Peter and Of Twitter.

Good morning guys and welcome to a new week. Preparations for the second leg of our duel with Buffles is in top gear as was reported a few days ago; the lads are in their Ottah camp. Not much is happening in terms of news from inside the camp nor is there news of any … Continue reading Of Peter and Of Twitter.

Enyimba Awards…Trouble maker of the team…Clown of the team…Best Pals in the team…

You're going to love this. I promise. I caught up with one of the older, senior boys in the team and I wanted a sneak view of what our guys are like outside the pitch. We see them don our team's colours on Match days and celebrate like crazy when they score but what are … Continue reading Enyimba Awards…Trouble maker of the team…Clown of the team…Best Pals in the team…

Focus, Focus says Coach Ikhana.

Morning Guys, The boys left Aba yesterday for Lagos as they continue final preparations for our Champions League second leg next weekend. Coach Ikhana said the distractions beleaguering the players are excess and he needed them to move to their camp in Lagos. Brilliant move in my books because we all have been jumping up … Continue reading Focus, Focus says Coach Ikhana.

Etor Daniel

Happy Friday everyone... Now that was fast wasn't it? Friday already. This was indeed a very short week. Wasn't it only yesterday that we were trashing Buffles at the Enyimba Stadium and look it's Friday already! Today we kickstart what could be a weekly column on our blog. It's titled UP AND CLOSE WITH OUR … Continue reading Etor Daniel

New Season Fixtures…First up, Akwa United, Reunion for Ezekiel Bassey

Morning Guys, So the fixtures for the new season is finally out. The draws which held in Abuja took place about 8pm and from what we saw, we will kick off our season on the weekend of March 7-8, (most likely Sunday the 8th) against Akwa United. It's a home fixture and against a side … Continue reading New Season Fixtures…First up, Akwa United, Reunion for Ezekiel Bassey