In Kaduna…hoping for all the best!

So we beat Nasarawa United as I prayed we would on Thursday and we are at Kaduna for the week 34 clash.

In the past couple of weeks, we have been overlooked because Warri Wolves have suddenly risen up to the billing and are one point off Pillars. So while they battle it out, we can do our work underground.

We face a struggling Kaduna United; struggling both on the pitch and in their bank accounts and they should be distracted enough to let us have our way…won’t they?

Well, we face them at the back on an impressive one in midweek. Mfon has gotten his 17th goal now and leads the top scorers chat but today, 3points will do us some good. It is possible? Of course! Easy? No way. There are no easy grounds in the League. So, while something within tells me we can get something good from this game, I’ll be satisfied with a draw. You see, the boys say, they just need an away win but we haven’t gotten any all season, so? Let’s get three away draws and that’s 3 points isn’t it?

Let’s shove the mistakes of the early season and address it at the right time but see how much we can achieve in the next couple of games. We are four points off the chase and what an interesting finish it will be if we win ours today and the duo of Pillars and Wolves lose….I deserve the right to dream don’t I?

In case you didn’t hear, The Federations Cup finals against Dolphins is on the 23rd of November and boy, what a game that would be. Let’s get the small matter of the league out of the way then we can discuss that,,,

So let’s do the job today and hope for the best,



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