Poor setup in Uyo leaves us empty handed.

I can’t remember feeling as bad about a football game as I felt last night after the Akwa United game. How do you explain that we just couldn’t show our superiority against a side that is a class or two lower than us? Toothless awful, shambolic performance. In a game live on TV, where did all the flay and creativity go to?

We conceded late in the first half and rather than get back in the game, it took a string of saves by Femi to prevent them from adding more.

When I saw the lineups, I was worried, very very worried. I know I’m not the coach but how will you set up to defend in a game like this? The team did not come to win, they came to play for a draw. How do you explain 5 defenders against a team that enjoys attacking at home? You are only inviting pressure. The fact that the game was live on TV means that automatically, it will be like you’re on a neutral ground. The referee knows that the whole continent is watching him hence his decisions will be under scrutiny. Then aside the 5 defenders, there was Razak Aliyu and Rasheed Olabiyi. That’s 7 defensive minded players in all. Who gets the service to Mfon and Andrew? Rather than defend, why not attack and try to put them under pressure?

The coach conceded and had this to say…

“We played out of our plans. I’ll say we dashed out this game and I’m not happy at all. We refused to play as a team, in the first half, rather we concentrated on defending and used up our energy too much”.

It got worse with the fact that Kano Pillars won away at Taraba. The gap would have been cut down to one point but now it’s stretched to four. We threw away points at Rangers and at Umuahia. 6 points from those two games and a draw against Akwa would have seen us open up a 3 point lead on the table.

Really sad. With 12 games to go now where are we going to get the advantage? Pillars do not look like they want to drop any more points and should they, they have a 4 point gap already set in between us.

I’m trying to find some joy from somewhere but I simply can’t at the moment. We are tied with three teams on 40 points including Abia Warriors. It’s going to take a huge huge miracle to overturn this deficit and win the title this season. A big big miracle.

I’ll be back with the weekend preview tomorrow.

Have a good evening guys.


2 thoughts on “Poor setup in Uyo leaves us empty handed.

  1. Kano Pillars really don’t look like letting go of that top spot. Many expected more from Enyimba this season. TV coverage has shown that the ‘away loss’ syndrome in our league can’t be attributed to biased officiating only.


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