Errrmmmm Akwa United on Pause

Hey Guys.

Howdy? Well, I’m fine except of course the stinky messy ugly call-it-the-worse-name-possible with the Nigerian Football Federation that means that it is 99.999999% that there won’t be any football kicked anywhere in this country this weekend.

The shambolic NFF ‘selections’ done on Tuesday with the incumbent and the board detained is just as shity as it gets. I’m not saying Maigari is a saint or otherwise but why not let this elections and transitions be done amicably?
It appears some powers from above want to install Mr Giwa and his gang as the NFF leadership but let’s even look at it, with what they have done in the few days they supposedly took over power, is this a sign of good things to come?

The Nigerian Referees Association have withdrawn all their members from participating in the weekend’s games or any other game locally until the NFF issues have been resolved. In view of that, the League Management Company says the League is on hold…a sensible thing to do. Then the professional footballers Association comes out and writes saying they are to boycott any of the weekend fixtures. I guess Mr Giwa and his crew might have to import referees from England and import players from Ghana to play this weekend’s games.

I look at the crop of Leaders we have in a lot of sectors today especially in football and I wonder what these guys were taught in School. They say the mindset of a class is the ideology of a nation tomorrow. Where is the heart to serve? Where is the loyalty, honesty and true service? Must it be about getting for yourselves all the funds you can get your hands on? We have the ability to produce a football team that can win the World Cup but no, our leaders are not leaders, alot of them are just trying to stuff full their pockets. Look around, Practically every sector has its issues.

Anyway, let’s hope things get fixed ASAP. So it’s a football public holiday for us in Nigeria this weekend. We will just go watch the La Liga or English Premiership or the French Ligue. As for Akwa United, let’s get done with this small matter of the NFF crisis then we’ll look in your direction.

Great weekend guys.

P.S. This is a copy of the Professional Footballers letter boycotting the weekend’s games.



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