Three things Heartland vs Giwa FC.

• Ubido the real deal: 
He has been a loyal servant of Heartland FC and looking at Julius Ubido’s performance against Giwa FC, it is easy to see why he is so highly rated among the Heartland Faithful. The 29 year Old gave a faultless performance in midfield; sturdy in defence, graceful in attack. Every ball from his feet found the intended target whether they were just passes or crosses. His midfield partner had a poor game today but his efficiency covered for him. If Julius Ubido can continually put up such performance on a consistent basis, he will surely be among the most sought after midfielders in the league. 

• Lots of the ball, very little impact: 
Heartland got the needed three points against Giwa FC but ask anyone who saw the game, they were disappointed by how little impact the Heartland attack made in the final third. Nobody gets a reward for bossing possession and of course 1-0 is a very risky score line. Had Giwa taken one of the chances they got in the second half, 3 points would have automatically become just 1 for Heartland. Their opponents were very organized and content to have less of the ball. The purpose of having the ball is to hurt your opponents’ goal. Heartland manager would surely be worried about the lack of reasonable end product such enormous ball possession yielded today. 

• School boy defending cost Giwa:
They succeeded in keeping Heartland at bay even on their home ground; denying the strikers and wingers space and clear cut chances to score. They were compact and organized but sometimes that inexperience bubbles to the surface. Giwa FC would have to thank the very lenient referee who was reluctant to award penalty kicks for errors the defenders made in the course of the game. In the end, out of the very obvious three stone wall penalty kicks, they conceded a funny one; handling in the box a ball that was headed off target. One would wonder how a side so good at some moments in the game would shoot themselves in the foot with rather comical errors.


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