3 things Enyimba vs Lobi.


  1. You always need an “Udorji” in Defence :

Enyimba ran away “3 – 0” winners on the day but this victory was built on strong defensive performances. Today the Enyimba Skipper Chinedu Udorji led his troops well and ensured that Sarki and Akombo did not trouble Godwin Paul in Enyimba goal. The Keeper virtually did nothing in the game except once in the first half when he made himself big and saved Akombo’s poor effort. Of all the qualities of a good defender is your ability to lead on the pitch too with your own performance and in Udorji, the Aba fans know they have a solid defender they can rely on. The defender himself can start dreaming of a call up to the Super Eagles if he keeps this up.


  1. Abalogu, Bashri and Mfon Udoh must keep ticking:

Against Akwa United, Enyimba though at home played very poorly to the disgust of their fans and that was because Abalogu, Mfon and Bashri all had less than average performances. With a midfield that is good and disciplines as Akwa United’s, your wingers could stretch play as an alternative way to break down stubborn defences. Today against Lobi, the trio was everywhere finding spaces as Sibi Gwar dragged the visiting Center Backs out of position. When they play poorly, the whole team suffers hence Baraje must find a way to keep them up for it weekly.


  1. Lobi Stars were not outdone by the noise from the fans; they just weren’t interested.

What makes visiting teams unable to get points most times in the Nigerian Premier League is not really that referees tend to favour the home side as many suggest but the Home Team usually has the backing of the “12th Man”- the fans and the kind of noise they make. Enyimba fans were at their best again today but the fact that Lobi were poor today cannot be ignored. Aside making a save off Akombo in the first half, Paul Godwin could have as well have brought a pillow to the game. There were no clear cut chances or efforts that needed remarkable saves. The midfield was poor and there was no one tracking the likes of Bashri and Mfon as they made those runs. Evans Ogenyi would admit at the end of the game that his side was woeful today.


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